30-60 Front Street Rises Above Street Level in DUMBO, Brooklyn

30 Front Street. Designed by Hill West Architects

Construction is now two floors above ground at 30-60 Front Street, a 26-story mixed-use building in DUMBOBrooklyn. Designed by Hill West Architects and developed by Fortis Property Group, the 270-foot-tall project will yield 74 apartments, averaging 2,400 square feet apiece. The site is bound by Front Street to the north, Washington Street to the nearby east, and York Street to the south.

30-60 Front Street. Photo by Michael Young

Recent photos show the first couple of reinforced concrete floors in the process of settling. The superstructure is being buttressed with a large amount of form work and metal scaffolding, while steel rebar for the forthcoming columns and walls stands protruding upward. Despite its current low-rise height, the large scope of the project is already apparent when viewed through construction fence at the southern perimeter.

Metal clips are in place on the floor plates of the lower levels in preparation for the installation of the curtain wall. The rendering doesn’t provide much indication as to the makeup of the façade, though it will likely incorporate floor-to-ceiling glass arranged in a staggered and irregular pattern across the entire exterior. This envelope pattern is depicted in the preliminary rendering, which highlights the prominent curved massing and profile of 60 Front Street.

30-60 Front Street. Photo by Michael Young

30-60 Front Street. Photo by Michael Young

30-60 Front Street. Photo by Michael Young

30-60 Front Street. Photo by Michael Young

30-60 Front Street. Photo by Michael Young

YIMBY previously reported that permits call for 177,900 of the building’s 360,000 square feet to be allocated to residential use, followed by 72,500 square feet for community facilities. The remaining floor area will likely be used for the proposed parking facility, which will have a total capacity of 416 vehicles. The 22nd and 26th floor will contain full-floor units, while two duplex penthouses will span the 24th and 25th floors. Amenities include a residential lounge, a sauna and spa, a yoga room, and a sixth-floor swimming pool that will sit adjacent to recreational space.

A completion date was last spotted on the construction board for December 2021.

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12 Comments on "30-60 Front Street Rises Above Street Level in DUMBO, Brooklyn"

  1. Angel's Body (David). | November 15, 2020 at 7:39 am | Reply

    Very well man-made to make progress, the structure can’t say anything; only you said on it: Thanks to Michael Young.

  2. This is so unusual for New York City construction. Most of the buildings are very boxy and have multiple shared sides with other buildings. Welcome to Dubai everyone! This is now changing, and I love it. I can’t wait for further progress and to see the dominant curved profile.

    • I agree…
      it’s the “Dumbo Dubai”, without a spire, or a fleet of Ferraris at curbside! ?

      • I mean, Dubai isn’t a terribly lovely place to live, and this building looks nothing like the rest of Dumbo. Something a little more traditional might’ve fit better

  3. Great Potential here. Now if they could only bring back Ebbets Field.

  4. This is… spooky. A year or so ago I was imagining what Miami’s Aston Martin tower would look like right next to the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo… and now I see this building under construction in Dumbo looking a lot like Miami’s Aston Martin tower.

    What the hell.

  5. Hoist the mainsail…set a course for Hell Gate

  6. Can’t wait, another year of banging and horns starting at 7am

  7. This one is going to be a real stunner, despite its relatively modest height. Great gateway to Brooklyn.

  8. I am interested in building this gorgeous

  9. No comments on the First Year architecture rendering?

  10. Another example of the spectacular, eye catching, instantly iconic architecture seen of late in Brooklyn, which unlike the endless parade of unremarkable, lookalike, boring and banal buildings in Manhattan (especially the many hideously ugly super tall abominations in Hudson Yards) brings on the “Wow” so desperately missing across the river in Manhattan where one can practically count on 1-hand, recent examples of newly constructed buildings that when seen make one say “Wow! Now THAT’s a beautiful building worthy of being a part of NYC’s iconic skyline!”

    Can’t wait to see this stunner when it’s finished (assuming it looks like the rendering, of course).

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