37 Sixth Avenue’s Curtain Wall Rises Steadily in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Façade work is shaping up at 37 Sixth Avenue, a 26-story, 343,788-square-foot residential building in Prospect HeightsBrooklyn. Alternately addressed as 495 Dean Street and 664 Pacific Street, the project is designed by Marvel Architects and The Brodsky Organization and will add 323 rental units to the Pacific Park master plan. The site is located between Dean Street and Pacific Street, directly across from Barclays Center and 18 Sixth Avenue, another residential project underway in the neighborhood.

New photographs show the degree of progress that has occurred on the property since our last update in July, when construction was still on its way to topping out. More than two thirds of the building is now clad in the brown brick and glass envelope, with preparation underway for the remainder of the floors, where an insulation layer is being applied to the metal stud frames. The window frames will go in next, followed by the brick surface.

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

The multi-story podium features some oversized window openings awaiting the installation of their glass.

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

37 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Located diagonally across the street, the 532-foot-tall 18 Sixth Avenue stands prominently over the neighborhood. Though 37 Sixth Avenue doesn’t approach the former’s height, both contribute well to the density of the neighborhood surrounding Barclays Center.

37 Sixth Avenue (left) and 18 Sixth Avenue (right). Photo by Michael Young

A 616-seat, 69,858-square-foot public middle school will occupy the first five floors of the building and two floors below street level. Residential amenities include a gym, indoor and outdoor residential lounges, and a children’s playroom.

37 Sixth Avenue is slated to be finished in the fourth quarter of 2021, as noted on the construction fence.

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14 Comments on "37 Sixth Avenue’s Curtain Wall Rises Steadily in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn"

  1. This is looking better than what was teased in the rendering of 37 Sixth Avenue. Luckily so because I think a lot of the other buildings in Prospect Park are very cheap looking, at least to me. This so far looks to be the best of the bunch, apart from 18 Sixth Avenue.

  2. Are these buildings affordable housing or condos?

    • Market rate likely. Though affordable is relative. Perhaps 75k income for a studio for affordabl? They got them to add a public school? Which indicates either a tax concession or community board approval concession or city payment for rights to space? Wonder if the city will be leasing the space and providing perptual income or do they own the space?

  3. confused in st louis | November 18, 2020 at 10:19 am | Reply

    I’d like to know if the odd window layout is due to floor plan differences or just to conform to the latest trend.

  4. PTACS, are you effing kidding me?

    In addition to affordable housing the there should be a mandate that any project that receives a cent of subsidy should be banned from using PTACs

  5. FYI excavation/ foundation work has also started on the two remaining parcels along Dean St. Can’t wait until the platform finally gets started and the giant gulf separating Prospect Heights from Fort Greene is gone!

  6. Beautiful old row homes next door…please do not demolish!

  7. That’s not a curtain wall facade. It’s brick with punch window.

  8. Angel's Body (David) | November 19, 2020 at 1:15 am | Reply

    A slow build on its structure’s progress, so you can begin development’s program belonged to the physical: Thanks to Michael Young.

  9. Jacqueline Rodriguez | November 19, 2020 at 11:14 am | Reply

    Can u send me applications for these buildings. I’m looking for affortable housing for 2 bdrm for 2 people One is a working Medical management the other is retired by disability.Its 2 sisters.

  10. Nah. They offered a price.they refused.
    Some ppl dont wanna give it up. Low cost basis legwcy owners with decent tenants. Or old annie who fant bear to leave her shack of 70 yrs.

    Dont know the property taxes. But profit and maintenance is better keeping rather than selling.

    But legacy owner on ground floor=3 bedrooms eat in kitchen or dining room plus basement storage. NO RENT.

    2nd floor= 2 bedroom. Small kitchen. Nice fixtures. 3.5K TO 6K.

    3rd floor= same as above.

    84k rent roll- property taxe. Oil. Etc

    Add on 2.5 percent or likelymore property value increase

    2 million at 2.5 percent is 50k yearly.

    And u live rent free. Not bad. Vs paying taxes on sale. Broker fees. Etc.

    And then downsizing to a florida condo?
    With the grounf floor added at 6k a month easy that another 72k a year.

    84 plus 72 is 156k a year. With great credit u could get a 4br condo for 800k in florida. Then ur still living free.

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