Affordable Housing Development Dayspring Commons Tops Off in Yonkers

Rendering of Dayspring Commons in YonkersRendering of Dayspring Commons in Yonkers

Westchester’s nonprofit developer Westhab recently topped off their latest project Dayspring Commons at 227 Elm Street in Yonkers. Located in the Nodine Hill neighborhood, the 65-unit residential building will offer affordable and supportive housing to the area. Last week a small gathering that included Yonkers mayor Mike Spano and Westhab president and CEO Rich Nightingale marked the completion of the Dayspring Commons edifice.

“Westhab is elated to see the Dayspring vision become a reality. Dayspring represents the culmination of years of community development work, and we can’t wait to open our doors and watch the Nodine Hill community soar to new heights,” said Westhab President and CEO Rich Nightingale. “I also want to express our gratitude to Governor Cuomo and his team at HCR as well as all of the other government officials and private individuals whose dedication and commitment made this day possible.”

The development is part of a larger project to renovate the former Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church building adjacent to the construction site into the Dayspring Community Center. The Community Center will feature a range of services including comprehensive youth and adult education programs, year-round after school and summer youth programming, vocational training and employment counseling, family programming, a food pantry, and more.

Financing for Dayspring includes $7.1 million from New York State in permanent tax-exempt bonds, federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits that will generate $15.2 million in equity, and a $13.5 million subsidy from New York State Homes and Community Renewal. Additionally the Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative is funding services and rental subsidies for 37 formerly homeless families who will live at Dayspring Commons, including 25 young parents and their children. Westchester County contributed $1.8 million from the New Lands Acquisition Fund, and the City of Yonkers provided more than $1 million to the project. Westhab has raised more than $3 million from individuals in the community.

Dayspring Commons is expected to open in the spring of 2021.

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38 Comments on "Affordable Housing Development Dayspring Commons Tops Off in Yonkers"

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  2. Affordable housing is a studio or 1/2 bedroom apt above $2200+. The two building just open up for srudio way above people income.. Is shame they called that affordable housing.. Some is getting money under the table. Period.. I wonder who that is…

  3. Lisa Johnson Thompson | November 22, 2020 at 12:23 pm | Reply

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  6. Westhab is operating a new shelter next to me. So far everything is good and well kept.

  7. Maybe just start writing how you get an application in the article so all these people can stop asking the same question all the time???

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  9. Lol @ the people in comments asking for an application. How do they not understand its not the owner or developer writing these articles? How do they even end up on this site?

  10. Lawrence gugliara | November 22, 2020 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    Unreal how they call these apartments affordable where is aoc smh

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  19. I’d say it’s a little brain dead to post comments and think that’s how you’re going to get an application for this building.
    And instead of gentrifying the area and bringing the area up, we’re still dealing and subsidized housing here in Yonkers instead of getting people to bring Manhattan money and invest in Yonkers, which will be good for everyone.

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