Housing Lottery Launches for 648 Midwood Street in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

The affordable housing lottery is open for 648 Midwood Street, a five-story residential development in Wingate, Brooklyn. Developed by Yedid Builders and designed by S Wieder Architect, the ten-unit building will yield 7,913 square feet with three units designated as affordable housing. Available on NYC Housing Connect is a one-bedroom and two two-bedroom units for residents at 130 percent of the area median income, ranging in eligible income from $76,835 to $159,640.

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

Residential amenities include a large lobby, rooftop terrace, gated access, green space, and security cameras. Units will have washers and dryers, name-brand kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and hardwood floors.

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

At 130 percent of the AMI, there is a one-bedroom with a $2,241 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $76,835 to $133,120; and two two-bedrooms with a $2,709 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $92,880 to $159,640.

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

648 Midwood Street Apartments in Wingate, Brooklyn

Prospective renters must meet income and household size requirements to apply for these apartments. Applications must be postmarked or submitted online no later than February 2, 2021.

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43 Comments on "Housing Lottery Launches for 648 Midwood Street in Wingate, Brooklyn"

  1. send me an application blah blah blah blah im homelesss

  2. This is not affordable

    • I have been trying since 2013 for a law incom the proces is realy long i move from my mom since 2011 living In a room need an affordable apartment thank you

  3. We’re is the low income
    Housing ?

  4. I am looking for appointment please let me know thank you

  5. Still confused these apartments are supposed to be affordable low income apartments but offered to persons making 76,000 and up that’s not a low income salary Mr. Diblasio really need to revamp program so that low income persons can move into these apartments as well

  6. If your income is $76,835 to $159,640 you don’t need an “affordable” lottery. I

  7. That’s very nice how can I get an application for 3 bedroom with my kids

  8. My God that is not low income imake$54.000 year

  9. Really nice .How can i get an application for 3 bedrooms with my kids

    • I am a City Employee and make no way near $92,880 to $159,640.

      Reason WHY the rent is so high is to eliminate the riff raff out the neighborhood.

      These potential renters can eat,sleep, party,socialize and mingle in the neighborhood (which us GREAT) but will NEVER let their kids go to the neighborhood schools in the area of Flatbush!!

  10. Tyhese Gordon-Wells | January 14, 2021 at 8:18 am | Reply

    Funny what low income is to the advantaged even in mixed use the floor plans are different Sq ft in comparison to what the lower income gets. Interesting.

  11. How to get applications tho?

  12. You guys are using the word “affordable” but I’m not sure you know what it means.

  13. The 2018 piece from Pew reported that, in 2016, the MEDIAN income for the upper-income class was $187,872. While for the middle class, it was $78,442, and for the lower class, it was $25,624 (in 2016 dollars; figures reflect a three-person household).Nov 20, 2019. Once you reach 110, it is considered upper middle class. Making 78k, how can you afford 2200? Or if a single parent how can you afford 2700? This is not affordable housing for the people who need it most or for even the bulk of the NYC population.

  14. How do i get an application…

  15. Not low income at all… That’s regular nyc prices

  16. Phyllis Hyppolite | January 14, 2021 at 9:33 am | Reply

    How can I get a application for this location? Beautiful facility, absolutely lovely.

    Phyllis H

  17. These people don’t build anything for us in our neighborhood….Sad Truth

  18. These are not low income are they kidding! The city needs to address these rents that are so called “affordable”.

  19. Very nice I want to apply for one apartment

  20. What world are you in
    What is your idea of
    Low and Affordable Housing
    Is this a joke
    The average income for most
    40.000.if they are lucky
    With all jobs lost and
    It’s stunning that builders
    are allowed to do this
    But as always money and power
    Is all you need to do what is best for those who already in power

  21. Every day in every BOROUGH
    I see more n more buildings
    Going up and I don’t understand why they are all for people who
    Are in the high income level
    How many high income Developments do you need
    When is enough enough
    Where do you want the rest of the people to live
    Ah you do want really the rest of the people to live

  22. This affordable housing lottery is a scam most of the apartments are not affordable. 2700.00 2 bedrooms is not affordable

  23. Mordichai Shuchat | January 14, 2021 at 11:48 am | Reply

    Take out affordable from article its a pure lie

  24. I would like an application

  25. live in Dc. want low income housing

  26. I grew up and started my family on this block it changed from a great family block to one where really great families no longer reside.

  27. These rents are very high forces individuals to get a roommate.

  28. Why do you post this story but don’t give the link that will direct us to the application?

  29. Why are these big Corporations coming to the black and brown Communities pushing money,
    for our people to sell their home,so that they can build luxury apartments that black and brown cannot afford. These big Corporations know that. If we don’t stand up for our neighborhoods we will not have none pretty soon. They started downtown and now they are moving up.

  30. This is not the definition of affordable housing! Seriously no wonder we have the highest rate of homelessness.

  31. Hello, First, I noticed a few people that commented on how to apply for these apartments, so I thought I would help those who are interested. All you have to is go to http://www.housingconnect.com and follow the instructions from there. You would need to create a profile and password. The site then will show you many available apartments that you would have to apply individually for each affordable apartment developments available. Only apply once for each housing development, otherwise, you will be disqualified. You will have to meet eligibility requirements and because it’s a housing lottery, it can take quite awhile just to be called for an interview. Hope that helps.

  32. Hola necesito un apartamento para mi y mi hijo no tenemos donde vivir

  33. I am interested in applying for the available apartments. I am aware how the affordable housing lottery works. However, I would like to know if you accept housing vouchers such as CityFHEPS. Thank you

  34. The website http://www.housingconnect.com
    does not work. Is this a joke?

  35. I am interested please contact me

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