Conceptual Renderings Reveal Massive Two-Tower Development in Harlem, Manhattan

Workshop/APD's two-tower concept for a Harlem setting.

YIMBY recently spotted a series of conceptual renderings created by architectural firm Workshop/APD that depict a pair of twin towers somewhere in Harlem. Though lacking a specific address, the structures rise from a six-story podium that sits directly to the east of what appears to be the elevated Harlem-125th Street station on the Metro-North Railroad, putting the site at the intersection of Park Avenue and East 125th Street.

Nonetheless, any design of this magnitude would enjoy tremendous prominence over the surrounding cityscape, providing sweeping views of the Midtown and Lower Manhattan skylines to the south. The development would likely be primarily residential, with mixed-use commercial space on the lower levels.

The towers. Rendering by Workshop/APD

The towers. Rendering by Workshop/APD

The building massing features a multi-story podium and a centralized outdoor courtyard with rows of tall trees planted several floors above street level. One of the renderings shows a wide pedestrian bridge connecting the development to some other location out of the frame. Enclosing each edifice is a curtain wall of floor-to-ceiling glass with portions of the panels seemingly tinted in varying shades and colors to create a prismatic effect of light. Metal panels placed on the inner profiles that face the opposite structural sibling are designed with large vertically oriented window cutouts spanning several floors and arranged in an asymmetrically staggered pattern.

The podium. Rendering by Workshop/APD

The podium. Rendering by Workshop/APD

The upper levels of the towers. Rendering by Workshop/APD

Whether or not these renderings will lead to an actual realized scheme, and on a selected property and address, is unclear for now. Still, the concept offers a glimpse of what could be in store for Harlem in the near future.

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62 Comments on "Conceptual Renderings Reveal Massive Two-Tower Development in Harlem, Manhattan"

  1. Well, YIMBY, did you look into the zoning or the current owners of the site? Could this actually happen or is it just a fantasy?

    • VERONICA HICKMAN | February 2, 2021 at 11:00 pm | Reply

      Please make sure the Harlem Residents have Some occupancy in this new development. We are tired of people coming into our area and leaving us out.

  2. There’s a designated landmark on that corner so this seems unlikely to happen as rendered.

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s the current location of the Corn Exchange Bank building – a designated landmark.

  4. Let’s face it , I can show you designs abd dreams for any location.

    Lost likely three two billion dollar casinos will be built in Harlem .
    Talk about job creation !

    Wynn , LVS, and MGM all at the same time..
    Would create 25,000 jobs ..

    Just do it!

  5. So glad to hear that Harlem neighborhood might get this developed.

  6. Where exactly is this site? There are two large vacant parcels on either side of 125th + Park, however the neighboring low-rise buildings in these renderings do not exist.

  7. These buildings look like they were dropped down from outer space to clash with the existing skyline

    • Exactly! Looks very out of place! Ancient “MODERN l” Antique coexisting. Poor “Wealthy” Underprivileged cohabitation? Really?

  8. PATRICK Valentino | February 2, 2021 at 10:09 am | Reply

    Hoping its affordable housing in large part. that would be excellent on the transit line

  9. Harlem? Well, if this happens or not, I like it!

  10. this appears to be the north/west corner of park and 125, the current site of one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the neighborhood; why, when the immediate vicinity is blighted by vacant sites would anyone choose to demolish a cornerstone building of harlem.
    so disconnected from reality, this type of development smacks of self-promotion, and exploitation.

    • the overhang of the train shelter matches up with 126th street facing west. Looks like this is the entire block 125-126 on the east side of Park.

    • Agreed, this is an old grain storage building, right? I have seen its red brick from the Metro North Trains. However, I also saw the entire thing is for sale being marketed by Compass.

  11. lorraine givens | February 2, 2021 at 10:58 am | Reply

    Yes how can i apply for an appartment. Thank you

  12. Mrs Karen Addison | February 2, 2021 at 11:33 am | Reply

    How do you get an Application for an apartment

    • Mr. Galikanokus | February 3, 2021 at 7:10 am | Reply

      Well, seeing as this is a conceptual rendering with zero commitments or approvals, I’d say just wait 5 years and check back then.

  13. How can I apply for the apartment?

  14. Marcos Antônio de Biaggi | February 2, 2021 at 12:28 pm | Reply

    I want a 2 bedrooms ( high floor) CAN YOU SEND ME THE PRICE ?

  15. At first I thought Lenox Terrace was actually being redeveloped. But I see this is probably across Pathmark, East Harlem is a bit late compared to the rest of Harlem but it might put the rest of Harlem to shame!! This looks great!!

  16. Since this is the Corn Exchange (Mount Morris Bank) building site, that is historically landmarked (national and city) and was recently restored, I doubt these renderings are going to lead anywhere.

    • It has to be with the Durst site in mind. (Across the street from Corn Exchange, giant dev lot between 123rd and 124th)

  17. How can I apply I am looking to relocate back to NY area from NC what information would I need. Thank you

  18. So what does this Really Mean for Harlem residents ??? NOT A DAMN
    More Apartments for the RICH
    I was walking down 145 St
    A young person of non color
    Ask me if I was lost
    I living in Harlem when Wells n Smalls Paradise existed
    Probably before her parents were born
    I thought to myself keep on walking because clearly she was

  19. Imelda pebenito | February 2, 2021 at 5:42 pm | Reply

    U want an application for a 1 or 2 bedrooms thank you.

  20. Imelda.Pebenito | February 2, 2021 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    I want an applicationplease thank you.

  21. Clearly the architects have not been to the potential location pictured immediately West of the Metro North line. There is no demand in this area for housing such as this. There is demand for basic habitation (the area serves as a congregation point for people experiencing homelessness). If any capital group is stupid enough to invest in this they will see their money burn. For reference see “The Smile” (Bjarke Ingels – Starchitect) building 5 blocks away. Completed 2020. No Demand at all.

    • The Smile is amazing and it’s getting filled in the most of a pandemic. I’m not sure where you get your assumptions from. That area needs to be cleaned up from all the homeless people and drug addicts shooting drugs in the middle of the street. Since when we build to please drug addicts instead of tax paying hard working citizens?

      • As long as there are three methadone clinics within a stone’s throw, there is no ‘cleaning up’ the immediate vicinity of the 125th Street Metro North station

  22. Please send me an application for the rental

  23. According to the renderings, if the people standing directly next to the tower bases have an average height of 5’10”, the floors of the apartments have a floor to ceiling height of 4’8”. It’s about time the underserved luxury market for little people of color is finally addressed. To do so in such a grand fashion of not one, but two spectacular 90 story ultra luxury towers, well…let’s just say my cheeks are emotionally wetted by tears of joy and compassion. God bless you mystery developer. There’s a special place for you in the Social Justice Halls of Architecture.

  24. Awa:February 02 02 2021 at 8:55 Pm
    I need an application for rental

  25. Awa February 92,02,2021 at8:59pm
    How I can get an application for 3bedrooms unit

  26. David : Sent From Heaven. | February 2, 2021 at 9:00 pm | Reply

    This is not to lose its company on beautiful design, and I am just starting to see real progress in the position of towers were scanning: Thanks to New York YIMBY.

  27. Awa February 02,02,2921 at9:01pm
    How can I get an application for 3bedrooms unit

  28. Awa February 92,02,3021 at 9:06 pm
    I would like to have an application for 3bedrooms unit

  29. Great to see this planned tower where Marcus Garvey Park is now, much better use of space is this luxury style amenity sleak tower, let the good times roll.

  30. Rent Prices Anyone?

  31. Someone With Sense | February 2, 2021 at 11:29 pm | Reply

    This is terrible on at least 4 moral and objectively obvious levels. This is actually stupid. You people don’t actually know New York. God really gives the dumbest people money and ideas. You should literally never suggest anything again. I actually want to curse Google for suggesting this blight to me.

  32. I currently live in the baggage hold of a NJT bus. Give me a damn application. I don’t even care that this is a fantasy proposal that will never actually get built because I’m too lazy to read the article! Or can’t.

    • FuturedeveloperKT | February 4, 2021 at 5:20 am | Reply

      Lmbo! Yeah. I’m amazed. But unfortunately it underscores the need for affordable housing.

      • My son has recently moved into his own apartment, for this reason it is necessary for me to downsize into a one bedroom, Please send a application

  33. Someone should tell the owners of the Corn Exchange about this idea, i mean, they just spent the last ten years renovating their now disappeared building.

  34. How many commenting here actually live in Harlem? This is awful even if it offers affordable housing (which most likely isn’t the situation, but only a trigger word to get pass community objections). Such a structure does not belong in Harlem! It destroys neighborhood character, caters to those who can afford penthouse living and views, and does nothing for a livable neighborhood and its residents. Keep it downtown! 125th Street already looks like 14th Street!

  35. That area isn’t the nicest, lots of action from pan handlers, homeless, and drug addicts. It’s needs a lot of cleaning up.

  36. I moved to the Berkshires a number of years ago, and while I used to love visiting NYC as a previous Long Island resident and even dream about living there, now that I’m out of the mindset, I ca no longer fathom why anyone would want to be there longer than a few days at most. Yes, there are many many lovely things in the city but the daily sacrifices needed to live amongst them far outweigh any pleasures that I can perceive.

    To each his own~

  37. Not so fast. The building can be constructed on 1800 Park Avenue which is directly across the street from the Corn
    building and is a empty lot

  38. Rethink building plans! There are many office highrises that will never be used as offices again.

  39. If there is a two-bedroom affordable apartment please send me an application by email

  40. How much $ did the developer donate to the really really useless Brian Benjamin? How much $ did the developer donate to on-going useless political hack Scott Stringer?
    Meanwhile, there is homeless shelters who get no upgrades, daily neglect a block from this site.

  41. As someone who lives in the immediate area, these towers are an odd choice. With the methadone clinics and halfway houses located in the immediate vicinity, the 125th St – Metro North station is swamped with homeless people, panhandlers, and people doing drugs. Interested to know how BIG’s Smile project is leasing at the moment, but until they clean up the area and relocate some of these clinics (which i doubt will happen) there isn’t a big demand for this type of luxury building in the immediate area…

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