Demolition Complete for 50-story Skyscraper at 45-03 23rd Street in Hunters Point, Queens

45-03 23rd Street Rendering45-03 23rd Street. Designed by Fogarty Finger Architecture

Demolition is complete at 45-03 23rd Street, the site of a 544-foot-tall mixed-use skyscraper in Hunters PointQueens. Designed by Fogarty Finger and developed by Charney Companies and Tavros Capital under the Court Square 45th Avenue LLC, the 50-story structure will yield a mix of condominiums, commercial space, and communal space. The site is located along 23rd Street between Jackson Avenue and 45th Avenue, directly to the east of the elevated subway tracks of the 7 train.

Recent photos show the low-rise buildings that stood on the plot fully demolished. The site looks to be ready for excavation and subsequent construction of the new skyscraper.

Looking east at the future site of 45-03 23rd Street in mid-April 2021. Photo by Michael Young

The site is currently lined with green construction boards. Peeking through the openings reveals leftover bricks and other various masonry blocks scattered across the land. It shouldn’t be long before piling machines and excavators arrive to begin digging and strengthening the land for the skyscraper.

The following photos show the low-rise structures that lined the block before demolition.

Looking southeast at 45-03 23rd Street back in July 2020. Photo by Michael Young

45-03 23rd Street back in July 2020. Photo by Michael Young

Looking north at the future site of 45-03 23rd Street in mid-April 2021, which would rise behind the wooden fence. Photo by Michael Young

The main rendering depicts a relatively tall superstructure with a light-colored envelope and a rectangular grid of white terracotta panels and subtle bronze details between the vertical strips of floor-to-ceiling glass. 45-03 23rd Street’s 544-foot-tall height will make a noticeable presence among other taller skyscrapers nearby such as the 778-foot-tall Skyline Tower to the north and the 673-foot-tall One Court Square to the east.

Overall, the complex is planned to span 350,844 square feet, with 194,423 square feet designated for residential use, 100,000 square feet for commercial tenants, and 3,388 square feet for community facilities. A total of 285 condominium units, two penthouse floors, Class A office space, retail space, a cellar, a mezzanine, and a 25-foot-long rear yard would fit within the parameters of the structure. Amenities include a 24/7 doorman, a fitness center, resident lounges, and bicycle storage. The closest subways are the E, M, G, and 7 trains at the Court Square station.

45-03 23rd Street is stated to be completed by April 2023, as noted on the construction board.

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8 Comments on "Demolition Complete for 50-story Skyscraper at 45-03 23rd Street in Hunters Point, Queens"

  1. I think this is going to be a good one.

  2. Hilarious what discount most get 22% off right now.,keep buikding fforcondo prices will crash soon.

    • This seems to give you great joy. I wonder why.

      • It’s so funny that builders get financing for new units while prices crash . A freeze should be out in new buildings immediately. Or more supply will lead to lower prices for all. It is hilarious . It is basic economics wiyh supply and demand

        • So hilarious that renters FINALLY catch a break as prices have (somewhat) come back down to earth. Have you ever heard of “housing affordability crisis”? Might want to look more into that nationwide issue before you crap on new units being built in the nation’s largest city.

          Also, a moratorium on new building? You’ve got to be kidding. Housing has been overpriced in NYC (and many cities) due to lack of supply for years, we should be encouraging any new housing supply that follows zoning, etc. This one looks very nice although I prefer The Charlotte in Jersey City (which looks similar to me).

  3. David : Sent From Heaven. | May 1, 2021 at 9:36 am | Reply

    The ground progressed for skyscraper, it can be developed into a visible photo: Thanks.

  4. From these preleminary drawings, it appears as if the bottom portion of the building facade will simply echo the rest of the buildiing in terms of its ample glass exposure,and lack of setbacks. Hopefully however,the architects will reconsider their designs and take into the account vital aspects of the unique context of the building –of having a very busy & very noisy elevated train structure about 20 feer away, at a height of 30 to 40 feet from the ground. A bulding, any building, is never an island unto itself, much like a person. Architects must incorporate and ameloerate the influences of each upon the other, of context upon structure and vice-versa —in some sort of mutual harmony & balance, in order to achieve the most successful results in terms of functionality, aeasthetics and basic human needs. Therefore the bottom portions of this building most likely will need appropriate setbacks, and/or sound absorbing or sound-reducing materials, and perhaps reduced window areas; preferbaly with community enhancing qualities & uses that enliven the neighborhood and halp make it a vibrant & active public area (even during non-susiness hours); rather than a noisy “dead-zone”. A building is a living part and parcel of the fabric of its context, and to ignore or fail to respact that fact is to fail as an architect. These human needs to be intrinsic and basic conserns, not extraneeous bells, whistls or add-ons & afterthoughts. The extra time, money and effort spent dealing with these wider & deeper concerns will “pay off” – both socially and in terms of a better & more succesful business model.

  5. The buildings in the background of the rendering have text that is reversed or mirrored. I wonder why that is the case?

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