New Jersey’s Hudson Tunnel Project Gains Federal Approval of Environmental Impact Statement

Project map illustrates scope of work for the Hudson Tunnel ProjectProject map illustrates scope of work for the Hudson Tunnel Project

Underwater passageways connecting New York and New Jersey still remain damaged after Superstorm Sandy, but The Hudson River Tunnel Project could get them back on track. The project’s Final Environmental Impact Statement was approved this week by the United State Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration and Federal Transit Administration, a crucial prerequisite for federal funding.

The much-needed rehabilitation project will remediate the existing North River Tunnel and construct a new passageway beneath the Hudson River. This milestone inches the project one step closer to a finalized design and commencement of construction.

“This is a big step for the Northeast, and for the entire country, as these tunnels connect so many people, jobs, and businesses,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. “This decision is also an important reminder that we are still capable of working together to advance ambitious projects that can make life better for people, connect communities, and deliver a stronger future.”

The existing North River Tunnel comprises two separate tubes used by Amtrak and New Jersey Transit. Each tube contains a single track and extends approximately 2.5 miles from North Bergen, New Jersey, to Penn Station in Midtown, Manhattan. While badly damaged by hurricane storm surges in 2012, the tunnel is deemed safe and remains in use. Despite ongoing maintenance, comprehensive repairs are required to preserve public safety and enhance infrastructure lifespan.

To perform requisite repairs, the project team estimates closure of each tube for more than one year, taken out of service one at a time. A specific anticipated timeline was not immediately available.

To avoid full disruption of rail service, the project calls for construction of two new rail tubes to be named the Hudson River Tunnel. The new tunnel will supplement the existing level of train service while the damaged tubes in the North River Tunnel are closed. Once the North River Tunnel rehabilitation is complete, both the old and new tunnels will be in service.

Total construction costs are estimated at $11.6 billion. To date, no federal funding has been allocated toward completion of The Hudson Tunnel Project. The Federal Railroad Administration and Federal Transit Administration must now consider how much federal support the project will receive.

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17 Comments on "New Jersey’s Hudson Tunnel Project Gains Federal Approval of Environmental Impact Statement"

  1. David in Bushwick | May 29, 2021 at 8:08 am | Reply

    It’s ridiculous this critical project has been blocked for so long, but petty politics is what Republicans do best.

  2. Nine years later and now we’re finally doing this? Good greif. Well, at least it is happening. The infrastructure of New York City is more important than the skyscrapers that shape it, and keeping it up to standards is critical. Good stuff.

  3. After former NJ Governor cancelled the previous tunnel project in 2010, nothing was done by NJ, NY, and NYC political leaders. Ten years were waisted. What is/was wrong with these leaders? And Obama was President until 2017. Why no action?

  4. Too bad Schumer and his goons screwed this up so many times over the last 10 years.
    Should have happened a long time ago

    • David in Bushwick | May 29, 2021 at 1:45 pm | Reply

      You can try to rewrite history, but Republican Gov Christie killed it and Mulch McConnell blocked everything else. The Orange Traitor also blocked it.
      Own up to your vile, traitorous party.

      • Sorry David, not a Republican, though I appreciate your attack.

        That’s all you do on this site, isn’t it ???? Attack…
        Negatives, name-calling, complaints … I feel so sorry for you

        Suicide may be your only answer


    • JJ — You are lost in the desert my friend.

      • Maybe in the desert NFA , but not lost. That’s your friend “David in Bushwick” … lost and blind

        Revisionist history it’s not, just an observation of Senators who’ve done nothing to get money from the Feds

  5. I agree on infrastructure issues but, this is not a political issue. Both parties are just as bad. Too much pork in these bills!! The Swamp on both sides needs to go. This is for the American people paid by our taxpayer dollars..

    • Total nonsense. You dont pay attention to politics much do you? People who say things like “both sides are bad” or “the swamp” are just showing they dont have a freaking clue whats going on in this country. The informed sentiment would have you calling for putting these republican clowns on a ship, hauling it out to sea and sinking it to the bottom of the ocean.

  6. Thank God the clown who turned on his hometown is gone. He would have gotten us all killed. Now let’s get this started before they try to block it again.

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