Earthwork Underway at 111 Washington Street in Financial District, Manhattan

Preliminary rendering of 111 Washington Street, formerly 8 Carlisle StreetPreliminary rendering of 111 Washington Street, formerly 8 Carlisle Street

Excavation and pilings are getting underway at 111 Washington Street, the site of a 64-story residential skyscraper in Manhattan’s Financial District. Developed by Carlisle New York Apartments, the 712-foot-tall structure will yield 326,221 square feet with 462 residential units, 7,000 square feet of commercial space, and a 60-foot-long rear yard. Consigli Construction is the general contractor for the property, which is alternately addressed as 8 Carlisle Street and located at the corner of Washington and Carlisle Streets.

Recent photos show an excavator and piling machine beginning work on the 28,059-square-foot plot, which has been cleared of the overgrown vegetation that propagated in the years since it served as a maintenance support yard for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center. Prior to that, the property housed a six-story parking garage that was demolished in 2010.

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

The main rendering from the construction board only depicts the northern corner of the podium. The structure is shown with series of stepped cantilevers that rises up to cover the corner entrance to the double-height lobby, with a curtain wall composed of floor-to-ceiling glass and light-colored mullions. A landscaped terrace sits atop the fourth-floor setback along Washington Street, after which the main tower appears to rise with a façade that matches the podium.

The project is the latest attempt to develop a skyscraper at this lot following a series of past efforts that failed to materialize. The current developer purchased the land from the Ohebshalom family for $89 million in 2021, but construction was delayed due to a spill from a 3,000-gallon underground petroleum storage tank that occurred that November. Brownfield cleanup operations are expected to conclude on the site by this fall.

If built to its current scope, 111 Washington Street will surpass the 630-foot height of its neighbor to the north at 8 Albany Street and achieve a prominent position on the Lower Manhattan skyline. The nearest subways from the property are the 1 train at the Rector Street station to the south along Greenwich Street; the R and W trains at the Rector Street station at Trinity Place; and the 4 and 5 trains at the Wall Street station on Broadway.

111 Washington Street’s anticipated completion date is scheduled for the summer of 2026, as noted on site.

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21 Comments on "Earthwork Underway at 111 Washington Street in Financial District, Manhattan"

  1. Taller than the original proposal. That’s good. The base rendering looks promising.

  2. Most if not all of the most recent coverage of this project by other outlets has the floor count at 50. Do we know what is correct?

  3. Nice! This should be a really nice location for something tall and impressive. The original design was pretty cool already. I’m looking forward to this project.

    • Looking forward to this project, Why exactly are you looking forward to a behemoth skyscraper being built?
      Does it affect you in anyway ?
      Are you doing something special because it’s being built?
      Throwing a party to celebrate?

      • Will you just shut up man…

      • Guesser, oh my God you are by far the biggest A-hole in the Yimby comments 🤬😡. I can’t express how frustratingly immature, insensitive, and disrespectful you are for making such a harsh comment to Thomas, who did ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong and was simply expressing his genuine interest in the project. Shame on you for targeting him the way you did!!!

        You have made a lot of comments in the past that many of us YIMBY readers roll our eyes at, but THIS one is just plain rude!!! So I’ll throw your first question right back at you and ask is this project affecting you in anyway??? Are you so morbidly offended by this project that you have the need to reprimand and berate anybody that expresses the slightest interest in this going up?

        Do us a favor and please SHUT THE F U C K UP if you intend to not to create a “healthy discussion,” which you have constantly asked from people, but I don’t ever see becoming possible if you keep commenting the way you did to Thomas and go against your own words… #hypocrite

        • Cheesemaster200 | June 2, 2023 at 6:32 pm | Reply

          Don’t feed the trolls.

          • Greg Wallace | June 2, 2023 at 9:01 pm |

            He is probably as stubborn and stupid as a believer of the earth being flat, a denier of January 6, or thinking climate change is a hoax.

          • David : Sent From Heaven. | June 3, 2023 at 2:35 am |

            I know to overgrown vegetation and support yard for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center, there’s a problem before excavation and pilings are getting underway. Now a 64-story can vertical with residential skyscraper, from the main rendering is all about design that a glass is cantilevered over the street: Thanks to Michael Young.

        • I agree John.

          Guesser, your comment isn’t tied to anything about YIMBY’s vs. NIMBY’s, architecture, or construction vs. preservation. This isn’t even about the project at all. You’re just a bitter and pitiful d*ckhead

      • Lucinda Evans | June 2, 2023 at 5:57 pm | Reply

        Another day, another ridiculous remark from you Guesser. What else is new from you? Why did you have to say that? Why don’t you know how to have a filter, respect, and some restraint to what you say?

        I would love to hear you talk your way out of explaining why you felt the need the say what you did to Thomas, and wish Yimby would finally ban you

      • Guesser I wish you could just shut your mouth and stop sounding like a compulsive man child who can’t get through the day without ruining someone else’s 😡 why are you always so bitter and sound so hateful towards everyone on this site?

      • Guesser is the bully on the playground that beats you for your lunch money or pushes you to the ground. Everyone becomes a target of assault in his mind

      • Still no justice for Thomas getting belittled nearly a week later, yet Guesser conveniently skips over the responses to his comment and replies to other articles. How sly and cunning of him…

  4. Wow Guesser, I hope you don’t have kids and crush their sense of curiosity and dreams if that’s how you talk to people 🖕

  5. They are currently doing a brownfield cleanup. There is no attempt to shield the workers or the surrounding community from the many toxic chemicals that are in the soil. Developers are not following the protocols laid out in the plans for the cleanup. Anyone living or working in the area is at risk.

    • I live in the neighborhood. Can you explain more when you say we’re at risk for toxin exposure? Is there something neighbors can do to fight back on that?

      The project has already caused a lot of disruption with the road block-off and constant noise (some of which seems to start before the 7am legal start time…).

  6. For a relatively large skyscraper, I hope it graces the lower Manhattan skyline and not look like a cheap glass box you see in long island city

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