Demolition Wraps for Upcoming 68-Story Skyscraper at 100 West 37th Street in Midtown, Manhattan

100 West 37th Street. Rendering by Render.Bar

Demolition is finishing up at 100 West 37th Street, the site of an upcoming 68-story mixed-use skyscraper in the Garment District of Midtown, Manhattan. Designed by C3D Architecture and developed by Sioni Group under the 989 Sixth Realty LLC, the 743-foot-tall structure will yield 384,118 square feet with 300 condominium units spread across 297,301 square feet, as well as 86,817 square feet of commercial space and two cellar levels. Northeast Specialist Group is the demolition contractor for the corner property, which is alternately addressed as 989-993 Sixth Avenue and located at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and West 37th Street.

The 21-story former occupant of the plot was fully razed since our last update in late August, when the building had begun to descend below the roof level of the adjacent Haier Building. Recent photos show a lone excavator sitting below grade amid a swath of fine rubble. The corner portion of the property remains covered by a concrete slab at street level, and continues to function as a staging area for the demolition and excavation.

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Renderings by Render.Bar depict the skyscraper’s base consisting of two conjoined cylindrical volumes clad in a glass curtain and topped with a wraparound landscaped terrace. Above, the tower rises with a curving glass massing to the roof level of the neighboring building to the west, where a second landscaped terrace is located. The skyscraper then continues to a third setback near the top, followed by a stack of round balconies lining the northeast corner up to the top floor, and a mechanical bulkhead with illuminated horizontal slats caps the structure. Additional balconies are shown on the southeast and southwest corners in the below rendering. Neither rendering shows the western face of the tower, where the core will likely be positioned.

100 West 37th Street. Rendering by Render.Bar

A start and completion date for 100 West 37th Street have yet to be announced.

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15 Comments on "Demolition Wraps for Upcoming 68-Story Skyscraper at 100 West 37th Street in Midtown, Manhattan"

  1. Cheesemaster200 | November 28, 2023 at 8:39 am | Reply

    Not hopefully this begins construction anytime soon.

  2. David in Bushwick | November 28, 2023 at 9:21 am | Reply

    This project makes me sad.

  3. The neighboring building behind it in the concept image is shown to be much taller.

  4. I am not a NIMBY type and I rarely comment on construction but this building makes me think of one big middle finger. I cannot imagine who actually likes this building.

  5. The only way this could have been worse would have been if they had cantilevered it over the landmarked Greenwich Saving Bank (ungraciously renamed Haier Building by the new Chinese owners). While we’re at it, let’s give thanks for the landmarks laws, otherwise even that would been demolished

  6. Anyone with a keen eye can see that this rendering does not accurately portray the lot. The rendering shows the rear windows of 1370 Broadway being unobscured by the tower but when you look at how narrow the space is between that and the bank building, there is no way that is representative of the actual dimensions of the new tower. Why they would depict it this way I have no idea. All that being said, my instincts tell me this will turn out just fine and most will find it to be a worthy replacement for what preceded it.

  7. Wow talk about out of place! This building does not fit in or respect the gorgeous neighboring buildings. Makes me really sad. New York is being destroyed.

  8. This project makes me Happy!

  9. What a disaster.
    Demolished a building that should have been landmarked for this out of context glass piece of garbage.
    So sad

  10. Jimbo Jones 3rd 2.0 | November 30, 2023 at 5:32 pm | Reply

    Disgusting… the classic building should have been landmarked instead we get this ugly blue pencil Tower for offshore money laundering and real estate appreciation for foreign rabble.
    The city is being murdered by its own politicians whom are nothing but talking heads for the oligarchy.

  11. The “dirty thirties” could benefit from a project like this.

  12. David of Flushing | December 4, 2023 at 7:48 pm | Reply

    It is too bad they could not have done something more interesting on the top as they did on the bottom.

    A surplus of office space helps to keep rents lower and makes NYC more competitive.

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