Pacific Park’s First Affordable Building Tops Out at 535 Carlton Avenue

535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners

Pacific Park’s first affordable rental building has topped out at 535 Carlton Avenue, according to PR reps for the project. Construction began just over a year ago, and now all 19 stories of concrete have risen at the corner of Pacific Street and Carlton Avenue.

The 193-foot-tall building will span 294,000 square feet, and retail will occupy 8,300 square feet on the ground floor. The remaining 275,600 square feet will be divided between 298 apartments, for average units measuring 925 square feet.

535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners

535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners

The developer, Forest City Greenland Partners, will rent all of the apartments through a lottery beginning in mid-2016. Future tenants will come from “low-, moderate-, and middle-income households,” which ranges from 40 percent of the Area Median Income to 165 percent AMI. For a family of four, that means tenants can earn as little as $34,520 (40 percent AMI) or as much as $142,395 (165 percent AMI).

Half the apartments will rent to the wealthiest income bracket (165 percent AMI), and a quarter of the units will be reserved for families who earn 60 percent AMI, or $51,780 for a four-person household. Only 15 apartments will go to families at the low end of the spectrum, which is 40 percent AMI. The chart below shows what percentage of apartments will be set aside for families at each income level. (Head over here to see a breakdown of AMI percentages and their equivalent incomes.)

AMI bands for 535 Carlton Avenue

AMI bands for 535 Carlton Avenue

Units will break down into 66 studios, 129 one-bedrooms, 88 two-bedrooms, and 15-three bedrooms.

535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners

535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners

COOKFOX is designing the building, which will have a shared roof deck with a farm. Each floor will have its own laundry room, and renters will also have access to a fitness center, children’s playroom, and lounge. The cellars will hold a two-level garage with 305 parking spots, plus 179 bike storage spaces.

535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners

535 Carlton Avenue, photo via Greenland Forest City Partners

The building is expected to open this fall.

Ultimately, the development that began its life as Atlantic Yards will have 15 towers and 6,500 apartments. Roughly a third of those apartments will be affordable. 535 Carlton and 38 Sixth Avenue will consist entirely of below-market units, and half of the apartments at the contentious modular tower, 461 Dean Street, will also be affordable. A market-rate rental development at 664 Pacific Street will include a 600-seat middle school, DNAinfo reported earlier this week.

535 Carlton Avenue, rendering by COOKFOX

535 Carlton Avenue, rendering by COOKFOX

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11 Comments on "Pacific Park’s First Affordable Building Tops Out at 535 Carlton Avenue"

  1. sheepshead bay lifer | February 1, 2016 at 11:27 am |

    We’ll have to see if these mixed income experiment works. I have my doubts and think the more well-off residents will be targeted for robberies and burglaries by the poorer residents. Taking people from the ghetto and plopping them down in a nice building may be too tempting for some of them.

    • @sheepshead bay lifer you must be a real gem….not. How dare you insinuate that the more “well off” will get robbed by the lower income residents. Taking people from the ghetto as you call it has provided a much better way of life for most. Did you know that most people that were raised in the ghetto want to move and have a better life for themselves and their families but the rents are too damn high. Tuh!

    • Your the worst kind of human…..prejudgement in your heart already. I sure hope we dont live in the same building. Would hate to have a neighbor like you.

    • you are disgusting

    • Wow what a disgusting coment to make!

  2. Actual rent levels? Over $3000 for most 2BR “affordable” units:
    These are rent levels as of 2014, add about 3% now:

  3. Real Estate 101 | July 14, 2016 at 4:44 pm |

    @sheepshead bay lifer
    You’ve got to be kidding me. Did you know that where this building is being “plopped down” in used to be considered “the ghetto”?
    Grow up.

    • Exactly.. as a person actually FROM Brooklyn, I find the irony here incredible, ugly segregationist nonsense aside. The people you’re afraid will rob the more affluent residents were the ones living here like 10 years ago. It hasn’t even been that long..

      Also, it’s New York City. You’re never too far from the “ghetto”. If these “ghetto” people wanted to rob you, they’re only a bus/train ride away anyway, if not within walking distance. If the opportunity was so irresistible, it’d be happening already.

      Lastly, for many of these affordable units, an individual needs to be making $60K and up. Over $90K at the highest level. While this isn’t a ton of money in NYC, it’s far above I’m-gonna-mug-the-first-person-I-see levels of income.

  4. While those who control, mortgages and control the money are the one’s that are ripping off the poor.
    I live in the projects and work for a major hospital my rent is $1,000 I would like to live in a better place everybody in the ghetto does not have the same mentality. I would like to come home to peace and quiet, avoid dodging bullets and live in a nice community, and not have to hear loud nose from those neighbors that don’t work. Everytime I get a raise or do overtime my rent goes up, I would love to move and once I graduate and become a nurse I will have to pay more money because there is no cap on the rent like it was in the past. I leave my house at 4:30 am I also have to worry about getting robbed and killed so where is this senseless talk coming from.

  5. Very interesting conversation here and it reflects the feelings and thoughts of the racial divide seen playing out in our current political election. We all from the same race, that is, the human race.It is our skin color that is different. It is truly sad the world we live in today. No wonder there is so much distrust in this world. Why do those with lighter color, straight hair think they are the only humans on earth? Why create this division and make yourself right and others wrong? Why are you all fearful of others who don’t look like you and think you are better? Take responsibility for this separation, lack and inequity in our society and make the change in yourself. Be the change you want to see in society rather than create division. Help make the world a better place, it starts with you. We are educated,have values, loving and supportive families with the same needs and goals as all humans. Teach hate and you will get hate, teach love and peace instead and others will follow.

  6. People fail to realize that people of color are not the only people in need of affordable or low income housing. Because of the rise in the cost of living in NYC, people from all over the country that came to go to school here or just moved here due to employment opportunities cannot afford to live here. Brooklyn has become as, if not more costly to live in than Manhattan. People just want to live in a decent environment and be able to live, not just pay for basic necessities and be a hermit. People need to stop judging others. Low income individuals are not the only people who rob people. Has anyone opposing this project ever heard of a nice man named Bernie Madoff?

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