Reveal for 127-129 Troutman Street, Bushwick

127-129 Troutman Street127-129 Troutman Street, image from BEAM Group

Back in September of 2016, YIMBY reported on permits filed for two new buildings coming to 127-129 Troutman Street, in western Bushwick. Now, we have the reveal for the project, which is being developed by Moshe Friedman and designed by Brooklyn-based BEAM Group.

Despite the fact that permits indicate two separate buildings, the combination will function visually as a single whole. Filings show that the structures will measure 6,052 and 5,895 square feet apiece, with eight units between each, for sixteen apartments in total.

127-129 Troutman Street

127-129 Troutman Street, image from BEAM Group

Regarding the design, YIMBY spoke with the architect, who said the building was “inspired by a luck of the drawer dresser,” and that the “facade is surrounded by a wooden frame, and a rigid geometry is broken to reveal recessed balconies.”

127-129 Troutman's Inspiration

127-129 Troutman’s Inspiration

Besides the innovative approach to zoning, which results in avoidance of absurd minimum parking requirements, the creative approach also results in “a double-layer facade that you can actually walk in.”

The new buildings at 127-129 Troutman are replacing a vacant lot and a small house, on a 50-foot-wide assemblage that spans 5,000 square feet in total. Completion of the project is expected in about a year.

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5 Comments on "Reveal for 127-129 Troutman Street, Bushwick"

  1. How can I apply for a unit (low income if available) thank you.
    Is there any units reserved for low INCOME?

  2. I grew up in the small two-story house (129 Troutman St.)that was there before this building went up. Spent the most amazing years of my childhood and teenage years living there (1999-2010ish? – don’t remember quite well). The whole street was quiet and full of amazing families. I saw the Castlebraid development in front go up. Never knew our house would be next. So much immense nostalgia and sadness at how everything vanishes before our eyes but, life is change and life goes on. Just wish the new wealthier residents of Bushwick weren’t so rude and exclusive.

    Bushwick was a community where families knew each other, where kids would play run and where you knew your neighbours. Now it’s just single adults in their own world ignoring their new community. What a regression of community life!

    • I must’ve moved in right after you left then, Roger. I moved in around February ’11,and by then it has been renovated into 3 apartments (2 downstairs and 1 upstairs, I was upstairs). I used to climb out of the window and just hang out on what became my “urban veranda” (aka “the roof”). I was there went the infamous “Bushwick Tornado” went down the street (and took the roof access cap with it). I loved it there (and only paid $1150 for a 2 bedroom at the time) and there was a sense of community….until those damn “hipsters” started moving in.

  3. Leslie Levy

    2 minutes ago
    My daughter ( who I serve as Guarantor for) was promised a clean apt with AC with a Sept.1 move into this brand new building. When she arrived at 1pm today. this is what she found. The landlord -Sol said the cleaning crew worked late the night before and was still sleeping, so she would have to wait for them to get up. She had no choice but to move her things in and go wait somewhere somewhere for the cleaning to get there and finished (which did happen around 7 pm) though not in a stellar fashion. . I spoke with the landlord and he was farrr from apologetic at 9 pm the AC was still not working in her unit s She was told they did not have a ” remote to give her that she needs to turn it on. only the landlord has it. When I reached out to the landlord he asked me to “stop harassing” him as I was not his tenant. I reminded him I am the Guarantor and as such I have a vested interest in her getting what was promised. Mind you I only texted him one other time today. ( i am pretty busy prepping for a Hurricane strike in Fla.) Again Sol was rude and far from apologetic that the apartment AC was not working. I hope that this gets better but not a great way to start out! So I say be careful when considering this apartment building, I am never one to leave reviews but his attitude was abysmal. I would love to shpw the pictures of thre filthy apartment with building debris everywhere but can not load them

  4. I too had to deal with Sol a very rude landlord he try to extort more money from that I didn’t even owe. He harassed me when ever he felt like it and threatened me as well, because I defended myself and spoke back to him, so he refused to deal with me and started dealing with my partner

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