Massive Proposal Revealed for Four-Towered Development in Edgewater

615 River Road115 River Road, Edgewater

When it comes to skyscrapers and the other side of the Hudson River, Jersey City’s waterfront and Journal Square neighborhoods are just about the only areas in the state with frequent proposals for major new developments. But today, YIMBY has the first look at approved designs for a massive site in Edgewater, at 115 River Road, which would most definitely put the small city on the regional map.

615 River Road

115 River Road

Plans include four residential buildings atop a large 50-foot podium structure, which will yield rooftop gardens and other amenities for residents up above. The site is tentatively set to be divided between two rental and two condo buildings.

615 River Road

115 River Road

While we don’t have confirmation of the exact architect, the site’s developer is Fred Dabies, and the plans would yield 1919 units between the towers, which would range in height from 595 to 714 feet. Prior to the current development boom, that would’ve made the collection taller than any residential towers in Jersey City proper. Even now, the tallest would stand higher than any existing apartment or condo tower in Brooklyn and Queens.

Though Edgewater is mostly low-rise, the plans for this site signal that the narrow strip of developable land between the riverfront and the emergence of the Palisades is becoming increasingly prime, especially as ferry access to Manhattan expands. With Hudson Yards’ proximity to the riverfront, the massive new commercial towers are also a very short commute from areas that would typically be slightly less convenient.

Although Edgewater’s local politicians appear all too eager to shirk their apparent obligations to create new affordable housing, the increase in ferry accessibility alongside the rapid growth of both Jersey City and Midtown West portend a future that is probably substantially taller.

615 River Road, Edgewater

115 River Road, Edgewater, via Google Maps

No completion date  has been confirmed.

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20 Comments on "Massive Proposal Revealed for Four-Towered Development in Edgewater"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | November 8, 2017 at 8:14 am | Reply

    I was thankful for your information after I read it. ((^_^))

  2. This destined for a future pie-in-the sky never built trivia question. There is no way the road down there could handle this and no way they will be allowed to build so high over the Palisades. It will eventually be negotiated down to a much lower height.

  3. The address doesn’t seem right. 615 River Road is a much larger plot of land next to Mitsuwa. This development is on 115 River Road

  4. The proposed locale is incorrect. you wrote this is the Hess Refinery property which is adjacent to Mitsuwa Marketplace which is no where near what your story says. It’s further north from City Place

  5. Edgewater Ferry service is not really expanding. It’s barelyf handling the current load.

  6. First of all, the boro (it’s not a city) is not skirting affordable housing, it’s actually the developers like Daibes who haven’t set it aside in their many buildings, instead opting to building it off site, which is ridiculous. There’s no way this development can go forward. I would imagine the enviro impact would be negative. Traffic in Edgewater is horrendous, only one major road in and out and just to get up to the bridge during morning rush, it can take up to 20 minutes from the middle of Edgewater—usually a 5-7 min Drive. And Ferries are already at capacity as it is. We’re not a city, but a small town. These developers are going to create overcrowded schools, totally disrupt quality of life and create a transient population who isn’t invested for the long term. The zoning board and council are so corrupt, Daibes just fills their pockets and they do whatever he wants.

    • My original piece was updated to note it is 115 River Road and not 615 River Road, and in the update I also found that the site has already been approved.

  7. Susan Ohanesian | November 9, 2017 at 9:56 am | Reply

    CAn this be stopped. It will be a nightmare for the area.

  8. they try to destroy our lovely town
    Sombody has to stop them
    Hey elected
    Do not sit and watch!!!

  9. I agree with Susan and Skl. I just moved to Edgewater last August and have found that traffic is impossible during rush hours. In addition, I am totally dismayed by all the high rises that are below Gorge Road already. The town zoning board and council have to be crazy to approve this development. There are too many people here already and the charm of this area will be totally destroyed. Shame on these bureaucrats!

  10. Deirdre Mitchell | November 15, 2017 at 11:28 am | Reply

    Build a High school! Shameful that this is not the priority! God help you if/when a disaster strikes.

  11. Is there any plans to expand River Road? It already cannot handle current traffic, forget about all those huge new developments which are not occupied yet.

  12. 115 River Road – and other as-yet undeveloped riverfront sites in Edgewater – had been designated EPA Superfund sites. How come their now suddenly all cleaned up and ready for development? Who paid whom, and how much, for this magic to happen?

  13. So wrong. No way the current roads infront can handle this population.. it is already too crowded. This developer Fred Dabies is a greedy man and the edgewater borough officers are all bribed to him. This must stop.

  14. If the developers end up moving forward with these high rises, then at least they should build another ferry station and a public park in between their buildings. Affordable housing is nice, but that benefits only a few people. How about the rest of the Edgewater residents? By the way, great job on the reporting itself. Definitely news worthy, and people are paying attention. Thank you, Nikolai.

  15. The Edgewater mayor and Town Council have no problem continuing to build structures entirely made of wood, even after the enormous Avalon Bay fire a few years ago. Obviously they don’t give a shit about the town, the residents or the environment. It’s all about the money! Never-ending irresponsible corporate greed. Isn’t this site just toxic landfill as previously reported?! Just digging on the site has released very high levels of dangerous toxic gases. Anyone who would live there (or shop or dine) is probably at severly increased risk for all kinds of cancers, respiratory, gastrointestinal and neurological illnesses. We cannot allow them to proceed with this project.

  16. SaveEdgewater | June 6, 2018 at 11:08 am | Reply

    People, we need to stand up and vote if we want to change things. First we need to oust corrupted major and the council. Complaining on web wont help.

    115 River road is EPA quanta site and they are right now just going to seal the highly toxic substances with cement and bury under the ground. So when this mega tons of skyscrapper gets built on top, obviously there’s good chance the sealant will break and the toxic will let out and smear into our sewage system. Total disaster waiting to happen.

    And also note that this site was granted to Fred Daibes again in secret bidding by Edgewater Major and the Council. They control the zoning of Edgewater and they change zone on whatever land Fred Daibes wants to build on. 615 River Rd, they zoned to block the other developer because it’s not Fred Daibes building it.

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