Reveal for European-Inspired 428 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

428 Wythe Avenue Rendering428 Wythe Avenue. rendering courtesy Vision Development

Today, YIMBY is revealing the latest rendering for 428 Wythe Avenue, in Williamsburg. The new six-story design, with over 61,000 square feet of space within, has incorporated a limestone-colored façade. Exterior turquoise will also complement an arcade running the length of the site, along Wythe Avenue.

The arches rise up to the second floor, providing shade to the eight commercial and retail spaces on the first and second floors. Floors three through six also incorporate turquoise shutters on the exteriors of their large windows, and feature ornamental railings.

The cornice atop the arcade is the final element to bridge the modernist design with its European inspiration. The rendering also situates the building with hypothetical European neighbors, making a token effort to showcase its virtue. Asher Hershkowitz Architect is responsible for the design.

The 37 apartments within will have views of the Williamsburg Bridge, and Manhattan, across the East River. Each unit will be over 1,000 square feet, indicating condominiums. The cellar will have the capacity for fourteen vehicles and ten bicycles. Floors three through five have between ten to twelve living units each, while floor six will have two residences.

Vision Development is managing the project, and completion is expected by January of 2019. Demolition permits have not been filed.

428 Wythe Avenue

428 Wythe Avenue, via Google Maps

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11 Comments on "Reveal for European-Inspired 428 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | November 2, 2017 at 7:41 am | Reply

    I don’t have partiality. (So beautiful arches)

  2. I’m not sure about the turquoise, I’m not so sure about this entire tacky idea.

  3. Per DOB filings this is a vertical expansion, which might explain the lack of demo permits. I’m also seeing the unit count as 19, not 37 ( Am I missing something? Regardless, a January 2019 completion date seems aggressive if they have yet to do demo. Something is off here.

  4. Arcades look nice, but anticipate the cardboard encampments under the arches. That’s why they were removed in the 2 Columbus Circle renovation.

  5. This might end up being the most hideous, absurd looking building in the entire city.

  6. I like it!! It’s kind of a landmark it respectfully nods to old Brooklyn! And I come everyday to see the buildings and welcome home David’s comments. Love this site.

    • The old architecture of Brooklyn did not include European arches and hideous Bucharest-like exteriors. This looks like Romanian fascist design.

  7. Looks great in a historic area!!!

  8. Not a bad location for this delightful amazing structure. If you compare the google photo to the “coming soon” image… the skies will brighten, the earth will open, all will be amazing! so BRING IT ON.
    nows the time for the rapin’ of the area – i mean the REAPING. sorry.

  9. Fugly AF

  10. If you build a similar building on the other corner of the bridge, Wythe Ave. & South 5th St. It would make a nice approach to domino sugar and become a landmark. that’s a HOT CORNER!

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