Restoration Announced for Historic Times Square Theater at 215 West 42nd Street

Rendering of the new Times Square Theater retail development.

Stillman Development International has unveiled their ambitious renovation plans for one of New York City’s oldest theaters. Located at 215 West 42nd Street, Times Square Theater was originally constructed in 1920 by Italian architect Eugene de Rosa who designed several performance centers in both Manhattan and Staten Island.

Today, developers intend to re-purpose the 43,000-square-foot theater for retail use. This comes with support from the City’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC).

Described as an experiential retail center, design efforts are primarily focused on the rehabilitation of the theater’s interior neoclassical motifs, a heavily decorated proscenium arch, and a grand dome decorated in plaster relief. Phasing of the complex restoration involves raising the facade by almost five feet and temporarily removing historic plaster elements that will be restored off-site and then re-installed.

The renovation project was meticulously designed by Beyer Blinder Belle Architects who sought to honor the theatre’s original architecture, while incorporating contemporary elements. To that effect, the final property will include two outdoor terraces on the third and fourth floors, 20-foot ceilings, and a dramatic glass box overhang.

Stillman Development International also partnered with non-profit entity The New 42nd Street, which was established in 1990 by New York State and New York City agencies. The organization oversees cultural revival of the aging historic theaters on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

“We have an enormous responsibility to reinvent an architectural masterpiece and return it to its splendor,” said Roy Stillman, President of Stillman Development International. “We take great pride in working alongside a myriad of talent to achieve our vision to make the Times Square Theater a vibrant destination.”

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8 Comments on "Restoration Announced for Historic Times Square Theater at 215 West 42nd Street"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Project in step – design in step – architect in step – I’m in step.

  2. If it was an honest “Restoration’ it would return as a theater

  3. In this connection, is the $2.4bn. PALACE THEATER redevelopment EVER going to happen? It was announced three years ago and there’s still no sign of any physical activity. Perhaps the developers have cottoned on to the absence of cost effectiveness for the project. It’s a fascinating scheme but is it one that’s just going to remain on paper, never to be actually realized?

    • They are waiting to start it because of the hotel construction across the street. The city won’t approve permits for street closures on both sides of a street, effectively closing it off completely. It is going to start soon, they aren’t putting another show in after SpongeBob specifically to start work.

  4. …’re-purpose’for retail space’, are they nuts? There are already at least 3 colossal empty store fronts in the immediate neighborhood.

  5. How about actually restoring an intact historic theatre which sits in the theatre district instead of creating more retail space that is totally unnecessary? Gutting the intact theatre space and “restoring some plaster ceilings and domes is “preservation? Why not look at the adjacent New Victory theatre for restoration inspiration? What a colossal preservation disappointment.


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