Former Governor Eliot Spitzer Updates YIMBY on 420 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

420 Kent Avenue waterfront, design by ODA New York420 Kent Avenue waterfront, design by ODA New York

Composed of three contemporary towers on the southern side of the Williamsburg Bridge, 420 Kent Avenue is nearing completion of both exterior and interior work. Designed by ODA Architecture, the upcoming triplet of staggered glass boxes are some of the first new buildings to be constructed as part of the residential building boom that has spread across the Williamsburg waterfront. Spitzer Enterprises is the developer of the 800,000 square foot complex, and move-ins have now begun for its 850 rental apartments. Today, YIMBY has an exclusive look at views and interiors for the project, as well as an update from its developer Eliot Spitzer on the official launch of leasing.

As former Governor Mr. Spitzer told YIMBY,  “After three years of construction, it’s a thrill to see residents in the lobby of 416 Kent.  It is also rewarding to see members of the community enjoying our waterfront esplanade, and to see the extraordinary angles of the façade – that Eran Chen of ODA designed – create a marvelous new addition to the Brooklyn skyline.”

New photos show the interiors of some of the units, as well as the view looking out.

The view of the Williamsburg Bridge and the Midtown skyline.

A living room in a one-bedroom unit

A bedroom in a one-bedroom unit with a window facing the East River

One of the bedrooms is next to the living room in the two-bedroom unit

One of the bedrooms in a two-bedroom unit

An ottoman next to the windows facing the Manhattan skyline

A studio living room

The living room space in a studio unit

Looking at the kitchen with the living room in the background of the studio unit

A typical studio kitchen setup

A close up of the kitchen stove in the studio unit

The views looking out are just as nice with vantage points of the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building and the entire span of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Ground floor retail is also going to be included, as well as a landscaped esplanade along the 400-foot long waterfront. The South Williamsburg ferry terminal is conveniently located less than five minutes away from the complex. The closest subway is to the east, at Marcy Avenue, where strap-hangers can grab the J or M trains.

Rendering of 420 Kent Esplanade

The project is expected to be completed this year.

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6 Comments on "Former Governor Eliot Spitzer Updates YIMBY on 420 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Happy living with nice views together towards atmosphere to towers and movements on water. Good looking around all sections of design, don’t think that I didn’t care about trees or flowers. Beautiful man-made and wonderful direction. (Thanks to Michael Young)

  2. “Triplet of staggered glass boxes”?
    Well, that’s one man’s description.
    Mine would be more like a Hideous assault on the senses.
    Or maybe A jarring spectacle out of somebody’s nightmare.
    It looks like a Leggo set construction of Transformers figures, ready to sprout arms and legs and level the city.
    In the end, this masterpiece will be known as Spitzer’s revenge!

  3. Can’t ODA think of anything else other than stacking/offsetting boxes for their buildings?? This aesthetic is getting old and overused. #JengaForever

  4. There’s something very funny, and very American, about Elliot Spitzer reinventing himself as a seller of condos in Williamsburg. I’m not sure what to say about the 420 address though…maybe he’s chilled out with some chemical help?

  5. These places with their floor-to-ceiling windows, chunky stoves, fake brushed-steel everything, fake granite counters, and square sinks with queer fixtures… are kinda prepostero. Its very “today” and “now”, and fake-luxury. Usually shoddily-constructed at a breakneck pace, where problems come flying out about four years up the road.

    And lets not forget the amount of closet space : usually pretty lacking. Seems great for someone, tho. Never a shortage of people clamoring for The Burg! (for now)

  6. Jesus christ why does it seem the negative and bitter comments are increasing by the day on this website? Nonconstructive bitching ain’t gon do nuthin.. I for one like the aesthetics of the buildings and the look of the units as well. Rather have these than just the squared glass boxes.

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