New Video Highlights Central Park Tower as the Tallest Residential Building in the World

Central Park Tower looking at the southwest corner from Broadway. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, image via Extell

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill have released a new video featuring Central Park Tower. The future 1,550-foot tall skyscraper will soon eclipse 432 Park Avenue as the tallest residential building in the world. The site is addressed as 217 West 57th Street, and will be the tallest skyscraper on 57th Street, aka “Billionaire’s Row,” within the next few months. Recent photos also show construction getting closer to the 137-story pinnacle.

In the video, both Adam and Gordon highlight the extraordinary views of Central Park for all north-facing units, no matter how high or low above street level. This is thanks to the multi-level podium and gravity-defying cantilever on the eastern side of the structure.

“The cantilever is purposeful,” says AS+GG Partner Gordon Gill. “In order to fit the maximum space into this tight site, the residential program was extended with the protrusion, allowing for improved unit layouts, enhanced views, and more advantageous structural depths.”

Central Park Tower climbing towards the 1,550-foot roof parapet. Photo by Michael Young

The top of the tower under construction. Photo by Michael Young

One small section of the curtain wall shows the real color and appearance of the glass panels (on the northern corner). Photo by Michael Young

Units facing south enjoy the expansive scenery of Midtown from the East River to the Hudson River, as ell as Lower Manhattan and all the way down to the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Structural elements are discreetly placed and hidden between each unit in order to create larger, uninterrupted and more open floor plates. The living spaces are purposely located in the corners, to take advantage of abundant daylight and wide stretches of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Some of the units will come with their own private outdoor terraces. These would be located among the building’s setbacks.

Central Park Tower is being developed by Extell Development Company. There will be 179 condominium residences and a 285,000-square-foot, seven-story Nordstrom flagship department store in the podium.

The high rises of 57th Street seen from Central Park. Photo by Michael Young

Completion is expected sometime next year.

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41 Comments on "New Video Highlights Central Park Tower as the Tallest Residential Building in the World"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Look at pretty and beautiful, or beautiful and pretty design. (Thanks to Michael Young)

  2. I think the last caption is supposed to read “As seen from Central Park” Not Central Park Tower

    • Yes, you are right, must be read as from “Central Park”, sorry but pardon, this is exceptional place, I remember in 2009 Recession this was just a hole on place of One57, and not on sites of Steinway Tower, what is now somewhere near pinnacle, and in place of CPTower was budget supermarket, shoe store. And tallest building there was 1977 built Sollow Office Tower, 50 story Black Monolith at 710 feet high along with GM Building and TWC twin towers at 750′ feet marks. And it was midcentury building in place of 220-240 CPWest tower. 10 years of progress built 432 Park, 220-240 CPW, One57, 117 57th, and CPTower at the last of 900-1550 “footers”. 5 towers in this list, and 6,if count 53W53 with her at 1050 feet parapet roof and whole city area north of 53rd street. 6 new towers was built 900-1550 foot, 5 of them are supertall (984 and up).
      No megatall, thanks for FAA rules. And we are not in China, thanks God!!!

      • Not in China, since this is always being as Communist Country under rule of One Party Dictatorship, with 30 years of New Economic Politics there, it was happened once already, in history, in SU in 1921-1930, and replaced later by Holodomor serfdom and Gulag prison labor of Stalinism, but it was needed to built 25,000 tanks and 25,000 aircrafts on the Eve of WW2. China doing the same, needs NEP for better face WW3!!!
        The only one thing, without Anglo-American Lend Lease Russian NEP period would only help establish Third Reich territories spread up to Ural Mountains there… And with casualties of 42 million of own population. That’s why China is not yet canceling her NEP, doesn’t wish to loose 400 million people, or quarter of existing population. Their leaders are not stupid of their own, but they are, without any country for their help to win WW3, and with loosing “just a quarter of their population” Chinese will be left leaving 135 years in nuclear doomsday shelters, if they are not destroyed by our B-61-12 “smart” bombs, only to find out after 135 years that their country in picterisque ruins of once being supertalls and megatall, populated by giant cockroaches who will hunt on remaining emerging humans. Good fate for them, for their dickhead, for their anti-God Communist agenda!!!
        But China will be self bankrupt sooner than this, in next 15-20 years at the most, and then their supertall boom finished, along with giant “bridges to nowhere”, their communist leaders will be executed in public gallows. God will finish them for the mercy of the rest!!!

        • China money printing press unstoppable, their real monetary value is not even worth put this in their restroom wall!!! How they are financed these projects???? They are printing money, for last 30 years of their NEP!!! Now with stop of investment from United States, with lesser imports from China, we already see this in Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, everything up with price, in DT we see less medicine items for $1 available, in Walmart OTC pharmacy and parfums are more expensive but marked as “made in America” with 75% or more “made in US components”. So, in maximum 10-15 years China Economy will be collapsed, forced them to close currently open gates, and live the rest of their communist country life under Traditional Iron Curtain, for another 15-20 years at most, until New Chinese People’s Revolution who brought Communist traitors for gallows!!!

  3. Based on the photos (and taking a look in person from Central Park in the 70s) it seems like the tower still has a decent way to go before reaching the top. It DOESN’T appear much higher than the new tower directly in front of it on 59th street. Is this just me?

    • Looks like somewhere 1,400 feet now, just 100 feet from the parapet. A couple month for being top out. Count floors, from the top portion of rendering, remember 137 floor parapet is just for marketing, actual number of floors built 96 plus 7 commercial floors, 103 in my count. Wikipedia give 99 floors count. 7 story is Nordstrom department store, another 7 story is for tower amenities, and 82 stories of condos, plus 7 mechanical floors, between them. Total 103, or 96 without mechanicals. Anyway, tower tallest residential floors marked as 127-129th, top mechanical marks as 130th floor. Parapet at 1,550 feet.

  4. 10 floors to the her tallest residential floor marked as “129” top of her penthouse floor. Penthouse residence is 127-129 floors. Then another 7 floors of tower mechanicals given her to parapet roof floor of “137”. I don’t know if it’s correct to count these as 7 floors, since they are “dog height”, some towers in NYC do this, while some don’t. Like WTC 3 and 4, being actually 68 and 65 story counted as “80” and “74” for marketing purposes, including their roof mechanicals. Anyway it is tallest residential in NYC for quite a while, since maybe we don’t see any competition here for at least 25 years from now, God’s knows better, if anything will be ever built taller than that for this Century, in our Great NYC!!! Of course in 25 years to come NYC will fall behind again as title of tallest residential in WH passed to other competitors!!!

  5. Yes in my count last portion of tower is on floor 14 out of 24 before towers top mechanicals, 6 floors, “dog floors” at 5 feet per floor, so 10 floors at 120 feet and 6 dog height mechanical at 30 feet, means 150 feet to the last rooftop parapet. 1400 feet now. Means already pass a rooftop pinnacle of 432 Park Avenue!!!

    • Made a mistake, 17 out of 24 top residential floors are built, after last seatback, then extra 6-7 mechanical floors before the roof, so tower height is approximately 1440 feet now, close to 110 feet from parapet.

  6. Yet another ugly glass monstrosity on 57th St built for the usual cabal of international oligarchs, oil sheiks, kleptocrats and other leeches who won’t pay a penny in taxes. How could the city allow the destruction of this once great thoroughfare? I guess greed, as usual, Trumps everything!

    • Go in China, and live there as ordinary China workers live there for one year, and see a lot of megatalls who sits empty, because For China it’s needed GDP Growth, but how to make it without numbers in new construction projects, and they built these projects and print money for that!!! China contributed 80% of World’s pollution btw, and people on the streets wear mask!!!
      Is this your anti-Trump Socialist Dream!!! Fuck you moron, get to the hell out of here!!!

    • Fuck you, leave politics alone, and if you like Socialism go fuck out of here, to Venezuela, this is your paradise land for your dead brainer!!!

    • And look what was in place of this towers just decade ago, empty sitting lots, rundown shops, scaffoldings, free night shelters for street homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes of lower ranks, smells of fresh urines, area was almost rundown, and this is still Midtown, richest business District in the World!!! Now area became more healthy, towers of 700-800-900-1000 feet and more are built here in unprecedented scale for decades scope, probably since the end of WW2, we are in biggest construction boom all over the place in NYC, in America at whole, even in Detroit they are building 900 foot tower now!!! And this happened because we gave investors are good message we will stay as Capitalist Heaven in New World for long time. But as soon as we may became Socialist country, I hope we don’t, these investments will be stop completely. And our Dollar loose his Rein as World’s Reserve Money, resulting current Dollar will be worth of 10 cent of latter one. Or even 1 cent, or even 0.001 cent, like German Marks in their 1922-23 Great Inflation. Do you like that future, it is in your own hands or in hands of AOC dreams!!!
      Supported by Sanders and Soros!!!

  7. Take AOC no brainer and Sanders with you moron and go fuck to Venezuela forever, don’t comeback!!! We don’t need Socialist here in the United States of America!!! Fuck out of here Socialist Demon Rats!!!

  8. I see I’ve hit a nerve

    • F*** your NIMBYism!!!

    • Honestly, we need this developments, no matter who lived there, and how they are here living per year, yes this for 0.01% population, but this is ads for all potential investors, we built these supertall towers for attracting new investors for all of other projects, we making a Worldwide message that NYC and US are open for business across the World, and within our country as well, so instead developments goes in China and Russia or Dubai, they built here, leaving money here. For what benefits City built Statue Of Liberty in NJ or GW Monument in DC, for Advertising United States as a New Paradise Land, free of Slavery and free of Sweat Exploitation, as a New Land Fir Equal Opportunity, including Safe Investment, protected by Stability of Political System here!!! The Democracy and Free Republic is our Greatest Legacy!!!!

  9. F*** you socialist loving commenters, stick on real estate politics, there is no space for teaching your AOC-Sanders Socialist bullshit in NY YIMBY site!!! Take your no brainer shit to NIMBY site, why you are all here, to make a shit???

  10. Fuck, I came here for reading news from NYC architecture and new construction, not for reading stupid comments from AOC Sanders communist manuscript notebooks. Leave your political statements, enjoy these articles edited by Nicolai Fedak, a tireless author and architect of this website page!!!
    Make your own NIMBY page and go there and post your lecturing of AOC Sanders madcow Green Dreams!!!!

  11. From last built of roof top mechanical space, 17 floors are built on top of them, still 7 residential floors before last sets of mechanicals (floors 131-137), last residential floor is makes as “129”. This Supertall Tower now is about 122 floors up from the ground, 1440 feet approximately, or 110 feet to the roof parapet. If I count this progress correctly. Anyway it is already as a tallest tower in the city by roof parapet.
    Btw I never count OneWTC taller than her rooftop at 1368 feet. And same is applied by “supertall by spire only” 728 feet NYT Building sitting just across PABT and next to 11 Times Square. With spire add up this brings heights to 1052 feet. So, why not to add 225 feet of Spire on the top of Central Park Tower, as they planned before???
    Making it 1775 feet, or even 1984 feet megatall, just adding another 209 feet. And if you think this is crazy, than don’t laugh since this exactly how they made 1776 feet for OneWTC, adding 408 feet on the top of 1368 feet rooftop. Or 1052′ “supertall” NYT Building above, by adding 324′ tall metal stick on top of 728′ roof top, 840′ with her facade screens, but here in CPT you see real built up floors before true height of 1550 feet, making her as tall it read above and true tallest tower in United States by Rooftop!!!

    • You are an amazing person with a great knowledge of skyscrapers. I live in Chicago and I am in my mid-60s with what I thought was an amazing grasp of skyscraper knowledge – I have been studying and writing about America’s skyscrapers for well over a half-century. I see you are equally dedicated. I am the author of “The American Skyscraper 1850-1940 A Celebration of Height” (Branded Books, Boston, 2008, 540 pages). This is the definitive work on the subject if I do say so myself. Please avail yourself of it. Furthermore, I am the author of five other books concerning American architecture. Of course being from Chicago we are quite proud of this city’s contribution to the development of the skyscraper. We now boast seven (7) supertalls with five (5) more under construction.

  12. The last photo in this article says it all. As for me, I’d rather live in the Hampshire House. Classic, elegant, closer to reality.

  13. Gosh,
    these Russian trolls are really getting inventive at spouting their venom.
    Now they’re even preaching anti-Communism as part of their act!
    Spoiler alert:
    foul-mouthed “Jack Lieberman”,
    with his Trumpian tantrums & name-calling,
    is actually one of those Russian oligarchs
    who are buying up the residences in these ugly behemoth monuments to inequality.
    This, in anticipation of yet another tainted election victory by Comrade Traitor-Trump,
    who can then complete his BIGGEST deal ever:
    the sale of the US to Putin & Company.
    Shall we call it rUSsia Jack?
    Until that time comes, despite your ranting disapproval,
    commentators such as Ron Lajoie have the right to comment & criticize
    – a right which you obviously don’t have, nor understand, nor appreciate back in Mother Russia.
    “Jack” has a lot of nerve telling people to leave the country
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    Not to worry.
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      Go fuck yourself Comrade Demons, this is your new title!!!

    • And Putin is not my President, is a President of Fascist Dictatorship called as “Russian Federation” who annexed illegally Crimean Peninsula and part of Ukrainian Donbass!!! And title of “Comrade” is suited you moron, under fake trolling name as “Nancy Pelosi”, go fuck yourself, AOCortez loving idiot!!! Fuck your NIMBYism!!!!

    • Yes, commenter under name of “Ron whatever” have right to discuss here, right to have opinion here, but is this political site, this is a new construction site, people come here for looking what’s new construction news, with detailed explanation of such construction or new renovations of existing structures. Yes not everything is perfect, but it doesn’t mean that everything what they are building in NYC is not affordable to buy or rent. If you work hard and find a good paying jobs you can still afford one two properties in NYC, and then you can buy more and more, it’s expensive and hard to buy a first house or apartment, but then if you work hard, on several jobs, paid very well, you can afford paid your mortgage in couple years, and buy more, rent out your extra space, and then built new house for just future investment, look in Manhattan Beach, they are Russian Jewish neighborhood of true NY Middle Class, hard working people, who not offend anyone if they learned to became medical professionals, lawyers, programmers, IT professionals, pharmacist, scientist, yes they earned 5 grand salaries or even 6 grands, but they are hard working people, they built houses, authentic restaurants, culinary shops, gourmet groceries, bought taxi medallions, working hard in banks, insurance companies, limousine services, yes, some of them are business owners or partners, but most of them are employees. Btw Amazon jobs can brought 25,000 new IT high pay jobs in NYC but your beloved Cortez style democrats scrapped them all!!! So, what is your objection, you are against Gentrification, you are for whole Area of NYC transformed in 1960s style Socialist Dream Projects, infested later with murderous crimes, robberies, rapes of minors and mugging old people, with whole projects became a Slum, this is your vision for NYC Future Construction.
      But in 1990s we NYorkers voted down this, Era of David Dinkens who brought us racial conflicts in Flatbush, Kensington, Crown Heights is over, we voted after that to make NY Gentrified, period, look now how beautiful and safe became Downtown Brooklyn, parts of Williamsburg, Bushwick and even Harlem, come on, look for LIC, is true new Skycraper High Rise City Cluster, and look how many tourist coming in NYC each year after 1990s, how many new construction we have since that, how many construction jobs are created in last decade!!!! You are against this of course, or don’t??? Am I fully wrong, you just don’t like Trump and wanted all hobos lived in your backyard, right???

  14. Kathleen Collins | February 25, 2019 at 9:12 pm | Reply

    How do people evacuate in an emergency here?
    What if there is a fire or blackout?

    • Indeed Kathleen, it would be like evacuating the Titanic with one lone lifeboat left
      –and nothing but hordes of arrogant Astors vociferously demanding to be rescued first.
      Of course the Russian & Saudi oligarchs would rarely be home…
      Not that I would wish that scenario upon anyone or anywhere, neither rich nor poor.
      We only need to look at films of the Trade Center (or that high rise residential fire in London)
      to recoil in horror at what those people went through.

    • Really comment from people lived in the middle of nowhere, this is New York City, baby, this a Skycraper City number 2 in the World after Hong Kong!!! Yes they have fire exits, and world class fireproof materials, fire protection and fire evacuation, they wouldn’t paid mega millions for apartments if they don’t have this!!!

    • Who cares?

  15. marco di laurenti | February 26, 2019 at 10:53 am | Reply

    Cheer for the challenging contrasts : stimulatiing !
    Tell Pelosi that with half of one such remark
    she loses freedom or even her skull in any of her beloved
    socialist haven . . . or Islamist hubs
    IT IS NOT the idea of POWER for the few – it IS the POWER of ideas for ALL ! luv marco

    • Already told her, if she understand English, I’m guessing. Yes she likes to turn LIC into little Mogadishu, sorry for wrong spelling of this antisemitic Islamist terrorist hub, or she likes to live under Socialism, what she don’t even know what is means. She think about Sweden, I think about Somali, or Venezuela…

  16. Seems like someone is off their meds today – or maybe just spiraling.

  17. Is everyone on this site nuts?

  18. “This tower has been built from the inside out” … I can absolutely see where that comment came from. Based on the logic presented in the video I really appreciate how AS + GG designed the building internally to maximize the utility of their space.

    BUT on the other hand I really dislike the exterior design. The various boxy sections of the tower lack any sort of continuity. Where is the sense of place? Rank Central Park Tower right after Hearst Tower on a list of the harshest buildings in midtown (in my opinion).

    I would love to hear what Bob Stern has to say about this one! …

  19. Yet another hideous phallus built, an obvious and pathetic nod to manhood ruining the skyline of Manhattan.

    The general stupidity in destroying beautiful, historic buildings to erect these monstrosities is a reflection of the times. The reason? Greed.

    Decisions motivated by greed are never good for the majority. However, if we used this one high-rise to provide housing to the ever growing homeless population in New York City which is largely ignored, at least this monstrosity would come to some good use.

    All of these glass buildings are creating another problem that no one has talked about. They are heating up the city. The sun reflects off of the building and onto the streets. Summer will be here soon enough and temperatures will soar higher than they need to.

    We have to stop the politicians from make the deals that permit builders to build any more of these ugly, badly designed towers.

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