Margaritaville Resort Begins to Rise Above Street Level at 560 Seventh Avenue, in Times Square

Margaritaville Resort, rendering courtesy The McBride Company

The first floor slabs for a new Margaritavile Resort at 560 Seventh Avenue are beginning to rise above the crowded tourist-congested streets and sidewalks of Times Square. The 29-story building will sit at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and West 40th Street. Coming to the property will be a three-story restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool with plentiful seating and beach-themed motifs, and a rooftop bar called the LandShark Bar & Grill. Sharif El-Gamal of Soho Properties is developing the site along with MHP Real Estate Services. The cost to build is expected to be around $300 million.

Looking at the southern corner of the site. Photo by Michael Young

Looking along West 40th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Steel rebar starting to stick out while the second floor in the background is starting to take shape. Photo by Michael Young

Large amounts of temporary supports are holding up the second floor slab and ground floor columns. Photo by Michael Young

Work on the reinforced concrete structure has been progressing quickly over the past couple of months. The foundations and cellar floors have been poured and completed. Steel rebar and assemblage of the floor slabs and columns are continuing.

Margaritaville Resort guest room, rendering courtesy The McBride Company

A total of 234 rooms will sit above the main gathering spaces. The outside will be covered in a glass curtain wall with several setbacks on the southern elevation to make way for the pool, bar, and outdoor venues. International Meal Company (IMC) will be responsible for the food and beverage venues. Ground-floor retail space will also be included.

The building massing appears to be a simple stack of rectangular floor plates, but no complete render of the entire profile for the Margaritaville Resort has been spotted yet.

Margaritaville Resort, rendering courtesy The McBride Company

The nighttime rendering reveals that the developers are putting a high priority on the building’s visibility after the sun goes down. A large LandShark Bar & Grill sign with the signature shark fin logo will be positioned several stories above the eastern elevation. The rendering also shows a frieze of repeating neon shark fins running along the perimeter of the third floor. The interior lighting from the main gathering areas will be bright enough to be seen from across the street and illuminate the surroundings. The words “Margaritaville Resort Times Square” will be placed on top of the main entrance in green and white lights along Seventh Avenue.

Margaritaville Resort is slated to be completed next year.

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16 Comments on "Margaritaville Resort Begins to Rise Above Street Level at 560 Seventh Avenue, in Times Square"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: New beautiful Calcium (Ca), I mean its structure and lighting at night. Clean Oxygen (O) would bring people happy. (Thank you)

    • Please porden me for stinking up the place: This building reminds me to take my calcium pill and breathe. (You’re welcome)

  2. The last thing Manhattan needs is a Margaritaville. It’s ridiculous. It’s essentially for the tourists who visit NYC and eat at Bubba Gump and Ruby Tuesday.

    • Agree completely.

    • David in Bushwick | May 5, 2019 at 4:57 pm | Reply

      I had a foreign tourist ask me where the Olive Garden was. Doh!
      It’s amazing an empire can be built on a 42 year old song that only made #8 on the charts. But then there are the Kardashians.

  3. Wish I were back again anywhere else but Margaritaville

  4. Given the ongoing mallification of Manhattan, maybe it’s high time for a Kardashianville “lifestyle resort experience.”

  5. We’ll survive this.

  6. I disagree. I think the Resort/Hotel will be a nice addition and draw to Times Square. Whether we like it or not, Times Square is the center of the world tourism-wise. Why not embrace a positive lifestyle brand. Have we all forgotten what 7th Avenue used to look like in the 70s and 80s?

  7. With the dismal budget situation in NYC, and the ridiculous taxes and cost of living, you should be thankful for every tourist dollar spent, however absurd you may think it is.

  8. Steve o, Dwight and Dave in Bushwick, when it comes to the Margaritaville empire, you either you get it or you don’t. If you’re from Bushwick, I’m sure you don’t.

  9. sharif el gamal. i am surprised that this guys is still around… does anyone ever audited his accounting?

  10. This is of course absurd, which is fine and I think perfect for the area. What is truly confusing is that there are apparently hundreds of people per night who want to stay in such a hotel in NYC.

  11. NYC is center of the tourism world? lol. NYC isn’t even a top 5 tourist destination. This is a perfect reflection of Americans thus it’s very well suited. Flashy lights and poor taste go hand in hand in the US so this will be a great addition. Also will help when you Americans cause the ice caps to flood – now you can boat up to this restaurant when you sink the Florida keys underwater

  12. Tourism is one of the worst industries for a city, so it’s best that NYC is not on the top tourism destination charts. At least they are building this in the area where all the tourist are already, keep them there and take their money. There is an argument to make about how resort towers turn city into an Atlantic City like abomination, but I doubt it will come down to that with a few towers in Time Square.

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