NODE AEC Offers New Renderings of 1432 Vyse Avenue in The South Bronx

Rendering of 1432 Vyse Avenue - Node Architecture, Engineering & ConsultingRendering of 1432 Vyse Avenue - Node Architecture Engineering Consulting

A new four-story apartment building in the Charlotte Gardens section of the South Bronx may soon break ground following the release of architectural renderings from the project team. The development is located at 1432 Vyse Avenue and will eventually comprise 6,128 square feet of residential area.

The structure is designed by Node Architecture Engineering Consulting, also referred to as NODE AEC. Jakov Saric, principal partner and executive officer, is credited as the owner on permit applications under the 1432 Vyse Avenue LLC.

The building will top out at four and a half stories and is expected to yield ten market-rate apartments as well as a modest assortment of amenity spaces. These include bicycle storage, an indoor recreational room, and an open-air communal roof deck with outdoor kitchen spaces. The assortment of apartments will include studios, micro-units, and one-bedroom configurations, in addition to a single duplex on the ground floor with exclusive access to a rear garden.

The rendering shows a light-colored cementitious curtain wall with dark gray touches at the roof and around the floor-to-ceiling windows. There will also be two cantilevering private balconies that overlook Vyse Avenue and the rear yard.

Rendering illustrates rear view of 1432 Vyse Avenue - Node Architecture, Engineering & Consulting

Rendering illustrates rear view of 1432 Vyse Avenue – Node Architecture Engineering Consulting

To improve the building’s air quality and energy performance, each unit will be heated and cooled with energy-efficient ventilation systems that continuously supply filtered air to units. The roof of the structure is also outfitted with solar panels and a “blue roof” water retention system that will temporarily store and slowly release rainwater over time. The latter both mitigates the amount of water runoff and acts as a passive cooling system during the summer months. The structure will include triple-glazed window walls and a specially insulated concrete enclosure.

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11 Comments on "NODE AEC Offers New Renderings of 1432 Vyse Avenue in The South Bronx"

  1. Dear World

    Bronx is getting a market-building. Hallelujah!

    More please — let’s mix it up and create a fine mixed income borough for the next generations.

    Bronx rising!

    • Agreed… But these should be condos. There needs to be more ownership in The Bronx also. Compared to Queens and Brooklyn – it is more transient for that reason. Only Manhattan is Manhattan. Ownership means people have more a stake in their community. Hence why the East and North East parts of the borough remained stable while the South and West fell apart.

      • Ownership is good. A significant portion of manhattan owners are legacy.

        Todays condos or coops are geared toward those with 140000k incomes and capable of 600000 or more for 2 bedrooms.

        That represents a minority of new yorkers. A fair amount of owners are elderly or passed property to children and the like.

        A condo or coop can be had in harlem or washington heights but the price is comporable to 600k but perhaps more space.

        Most nyc life is transient. The property owners spoken about bought homes cheap in minority neighborhoods. Or legacy nonminority immigrant enclaves. Though those legacy owners would be minorities in the absolute.

  2. Jonathan Marin | April 20, 2020 at 9:14 am | Reply

    Thank goodness.

    • What does thank goodness mean. Owners only regard their property if they can increase revenue.

      Hell kitchen, les, williamsburg, fort greene, washington heights all were enclaves for the poor, socially isolated. Then some owners gained the insight that ppl that csnt afford nyc proper would move there.

      Its a money game. This owners price basis is reasonable. If not low. He built it for a 3 decade play. He will get a local career professional or yuppie to maintain expenses and sell for 2.5times cost in 2 decades. After banking from a healthly rent roll.

      The design is nothing more than stain proof mid range siding and nice interior appliances.

      The construction cost will be nominal. It will work with great broker screening.

      Landlords dont care about their tenants. They care about the money.

      No money is no care. More care is more alleged care — a chandlier, door intercom etc. Inexpensive additions thst give the air of concern.

  3. “Charlotte Gardens” lol that is more ridiculous than Woodstock, thanks for the laughs youngbies

  4. New generation investors can only go to the bronx. They cant gwt a 120 million construction loan for a 8 story building on w 13th st..

    The bronx is affordable and provides a gateway to bank relationships and leveragable properties.

    There are countless bronx nwighborhoods with more space for less and free parking. Parking in manhattan is min 275 a month.

    The commute may be 30 minutws longwr. But u get an extra bedroom and pay 400 less plus free parking.

  5. This still available

  6. This building is beautiful how can I apply for apartment

  7. A need a application my num.9173495195

  8. Greetings I need an application to apply. I’m interested in a 1 bedroom.

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