9 DeKalb Avenue Rises Beyond Podium Level and Continues Upward in Downtown Brooklyn

9 DeKalb Avenue. Rendering by SHoP Architects

9 DeKalb Avenue has made significant vertical progress since our May update, nearly doubling in height. Designed by SHoP Architects and developed by JDS, the 73-story supertall will reach 1,066 feet above Downtown Brooklyn and will eventually secure the title of tallest structure in the outer boroughs.

Recent photographs show the quick ascent of the reinforced concrete superstructure. Work is well above the lower podium section and moving ahead past the first setback toward the first residential levels. The formwork for the floor plates and columns show more of the angled configuration planned for the bottom portion of the supertall. The subsequent set of floors will eventually begin to taper and gently reduce in size as the edifice rises. Sidewalk scaffolding and tall green construction boards cover the ground floor and main entrance of the abutting Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn, a landmarked structure that will be refurbished and incorporated into the development. 9 DeKalb Avenue can now be spotted along Flatbush Avenue from as far away as Barclays Center.

9 DeKalb Avenue. Photo by Tectonic

9 DeKalb Avenue. Photo by Tectonic

9 DeKalb Avenue. Photo by Tectonic

9 DeKalb Avenue. Photo by Tectonic

9 DeKalb Avenue. Photo by Tectonic

9 DeKalb Avenue. Photo by Tectonic

The curtain wall will be composed of glass and bronze, giving it a dark appearance that contrasts visually with the warm façade of SHoP’s other supertall underway in New York, 111 West 57th Street. Like the Billionaires’ Row tower, 9 DeKalb Avenue will also be exceedingly slender, creating a juxtaposition with the high-rises of Downtown Brooklyn, most of which are quite bulky. The property will house 425 rental apartments and 150 condominiums with amenities including an outdoor terrace and a rooftop pool on top of the Dime Savings Bank. Directly below the dome, the former bank’s richly ornamental main hall will serve as part of the entrance to the planned 120,000 square feet of retail space.

9 DeKalb Avenue is anticipated to be finished around 2022.

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14 Comments on "9 DeKalb Avenue Rises Beyond Podium Level and Continues Upward in Downtown Brooklyn"

  1. David in Bushwick | July 20, 2020 at 8:25 am | Reply

    Probably the best designed supertall in this century.

  2. Nice photos of this building and its place in the ‘nabe’, especially the pix with ‘Junior’s’..looking forward to following its progress.

  3. 9 DeKalb Avenue is probably the new most exciting construction project in NYC right now. Also, do remember that it was halted for some time, so with that it is very interesting to see how much acceleration in progress has been implemented so far.
    Excellent photography of Tectonic by the way!

  4. I agree with those above. This building is the handsomest of the recent towers — I call it Wizard of Oz Art Deco Revival — and I’m excited it’s rising in the borough of my birth. I look forward to its completion.

  5. Echos of the Trylon and Perisphere in an interesting form!

  6. I’m grateful that this got financed before the economic downturn. SHOPs other projects make it likely this will actually look like the renderings. That will be so striking.

  7. A great melding of old and new. Another brilliant design solution by SHoP. The bank space will be magnificent and the masterstroke is locating the residents’ pool on the bank roof!

  8. Randall Cummings | July 20, 2020 at 4:33 pm | Reply

    Gotham at it’s best Batman would be proud!

  9. This is one I’ve been looking forward to. Bk’lyn is back, for sure.

  10. My current favorite new tower is 111 West 57th, but this is gonna be GORGEOUS as well! I love the fact that they are incorporating the Dime Bank into it as it’s a beautiful building with its columns and pediment.

  11. Design would have been better still if the Junior’s site was acquired. the tower could have terraced up and its base broadened out like the Bank of America tower in Houston.

  12. Brooklyn sucks

  13. After Stainway Tower, this is my second favorite. I am very impatient to see it topped out! Stunning design.

  14. Michael D. Skelly | August 9, 2020 at 6:05 pm | Reply

    Brooklyn is jumping with new buildings in Fort Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Park, Gold Street, I mean its a feast on new designs, never thought any of this would be finished, during the virus alright Brooklyn you show them were still in the game……

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