Pelli Clarke Pelli’s 555 West 38th Street Continues to Climb in Hudson Yards

555 West 38th Street. Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli.

Construction is climbing at 555 West 38th Street, a 570-foot-tall residential skyscraper in Hudson Yards. Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and developed by Rockrose with SLCE as the architect of record, the 52-story structure is rising directly across Eleventh Avenue from the ongoing expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Center. The property will contain 598 rental units.

Recent photographs show the state of work at the site, which is located between West 38th Street and West 39th Street. The reinforced concrete superstructure has reached the eighth floor, and steel rebar for the next level of perimeter columns can be seen protruding upward. The yellow safety railings continue to rise with every completed floor, while a concrete boom pump is perched atop the superstructure to help pour the reinforced concrete slabs, columns, and inner walls.

555 West 38th Street. Photo by Michael Young

555 West 38th Street. Photo by Michael Young

555 West 38th Street. Photo by Michael Young

555 West 38th Street. Photo by Michael Young

555 West 38th Street. Photo by Michael Young

555 West 38th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Given the fairly orthodox shape of the rectangular levels, the tower should rise fairly quickly. The repetitive process will continue until the first and only setback, which is positioned around the midpoint of the edifice. From there, the skyscraper will continue upward with about half the floor area until reaching its flat parapet. The main rendering shows two curtain wall designs split down the middle from the ground floor to the northern setback.

Pelli’s design is one of a number of tall buildings underway that are transforming this formerly underdeveloped part of Midtown. Though it won’t have the prominence of the towers that make up the central core of Hudson Yards, 555 West 38th Street’s skyscraper status will nonetheless contribute to the growing density of the new neighborhood. The closest subway is the 7 train, a six-minute walk to the south between 50 Hudson Yards and 55 Hudson Yards.

555 West 38th Street is expected to be finished in the fall of 2022.

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5 Comments on "Pelli Clarke Pelli’s 555 West 38th Street Continues to Climb in Hudson Yards"

  1. Construction Crane anyone?

  2. Michael D. Skelly | July 3, 2020 at 2:05 pm | Reply

    50 hudson is half sold, if your interested some units are 30 to 40 percent under market….

    • Duh.there is nothing special about this area. Live in westchester and pay the same wffective prices.

      600k for a studio with 900 recurring monthky. And 400 for a private parking. 1300 a month can cover a bs westchester 3 bedroom. The cost and burden is meteonorth.

      Hudson yrds is boring. Its a product of fat men eating steak and drinking wine at some industry party.

  3. Hudson yrds is a wasteland. There r not enough ditzy blondes tp wntice 45000 new residents.

    These developers r stamping their urine marks and waiting for the travel.

    As in staking a claim and seein the market landscape.

    And there is no landacape.

    Who is paying 4500 for 2 bedrooms and 14 dollar salad downstairs.

    New young families can get a bettwr deal in rural queens. 800k house and 9k taxes. Versus 50k in rent and pompous neoghbors.

    Hell no.

    Anyone with rhat kind of money can get their job to pay for their parking and toll as an expense.

    So no hudson yards is not sexy. Its a fake construct.

    East village. Harlem. Murray hill.

    Those r real hoods. Built over decades if not a century.

    Hudson yards is big phallic struxtures with matxhing long legs.

  4. Hoe many 32 yr old women knoxked up eill want to live in a bushel called hudson yards.

    In a few yrs thwre will be a top flight public school where the average student income is 74k. But that too eill takd time.

    For all the expense movr to staten island or middle westchester.

    And parking is or will be hell. These sites r horrendous and will hardly be sold.

    They will go from african ivory to aluminium foil fixtures.

    There r few hip areas. And this bs area, a produxt of 30 yrs of parlor alcohol is not it.

    Lic is dead. Harlem is exploited. Les is a sham. What is their.

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