Tammany Hall Renovation and Expansion Nearing Completion at 44 Union Square

Aerial view of 44 union Square. Photo from 44 Union Square’s main website.

Work is nearing completion on the extensive renovation and expansion of the historic Tammany Hall headquarters building at 44 Union Square. Designed by BKSK Architects and developed by Reading International (RDI) with Edifice Real Estate Partners as the owner’s representative, the project involved the addition of a multi-story space-frame dome atop the 90-year-old structure. CNY Group is in charge of construction at the Union Square site, which sits at the corner of East 17th Street and Park Avenue South. Reading International purchased the edifice 18 years ago and received a $57.5 million loan secured by Bank OZK and Fisher Brothers from Lionheart Strategic Management, LLC, an affiliate of Fisher Brothers.

Recent photos show that the sidewalk scaffolding that covered the ground floor and second story on the main western elevation facing Union Square has been completely dismantled. Rows of orange and white sidewalk barriers with metal fences that remain, while the glass panels on the first story are covered with temporary signage promoting the project’s retail and office space. The geometric glass dome looks to be fully complete, while several horizontal flagpoles have been installed and are flying promotional banners.

44 Union Square. Photo by Tectonic

44 Union Square. Photo by Tectonic

44 Union Square. Photo by Tectonic

44 Union Square. Photo by Tectonic

44 Union Square. Photo by Tectonic

Below is a series of renderings depicting the finished look of the interiors under the glass dome. The transparency of the contemporary structure will allow for maximum daylight exposure and provide views of Union Square Park. Combined with the existing floor space, the addition brings the building’s total area to 70,348 square feet. Two elliptical-shaped floors will sit underneath the dome. Ceiling heights on the fifth floor range between 12 and 21 feet, while the sixth and final floor reaches a height of 19 feet. This part of the building is nearly 80 feet above street level.

The fifth floor. Photo from 44 Union Square’s main website.

The fourth floor. Photo from 44 Union Square’s main website.

The sixth floor looking toward Union Square. Photo from 44 Union Square’s main website.

The sixth floor. Photo from 44 Union Square’s main website.

YIMBY last mentioned that 44 Union Square was expected to obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy and finish work sometime in the second quarter of 2020. We could likely see construction totally wrap up this summer, which wouldn’t be too far from the original target.

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12 Comments on "Tammany Hall Renovation and Expansion Nearing Completion at 44 Union Square"

  1. Headline from 1954 “Alien Spaceship Lands atop Tammany Hall near Union Square!” The aliens got their time machine screwed up. Boss Tweed was already dead! Moral of the story is never graft time incongruent feature on historic buildings.

  2. Doris Bergman | July 11, 2020 at 9:32 am | Reply

    purpose of building? Basics omitted!

  3. Ah, a transparent Eastern Box turtle has been spotted in Union Square. Take care, it’s an endangered species!

  4. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  5. Cann’t believe they didn’t clean the building. The stone trim near the roof line looks terrible.

  6. James S. Kaplan | July 12, 2020 at 7:12 am | Reply

    This is one of the most historically important buildings in the City. Forget Boss Tweed who died 50 years before it was constructed in 1927. It really is a. monument to Al Smith and Frances Perkins, who created social security and the New Deal. Then governor Franklin Roosevelt spoke at its dedication in 1929. The Turtle on top supposedly represents the Leni Lappe tribe of Chief Tammany. The owners so far have missed the boat by not understanding its true historical importance although perhaps it is not too late to have some sort of marker. Historical monuments and buildings are quite important these days and this is one of New York City’s finests.
    James S. Kaplan
    President, National Democratic Club

  7. Expensive space.

  8. Cool space… wrong place! Hopefully you can’t see any of it from the street.

  9. What is the purpose of this building????

  10. Tammany has such a horribly negative reputation attached to it, that I would not have minded it if it was pulled down and the place turned into a park for kids. But since it is still there (and still stained and dirty), then let them do what they want with it, a glass turtle shell on the top or a balloon! Tamany be gone!

  11. Know I’m in the minority here, but I think it looks kinda cool.Touch up the building a bit and there ya go.

  12. The AC bill for the rooftop office space will be staggering – terrible execution!

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