Developers Break Ground on 70-Acre Residential Complex in White Plains

Rendering of 1133 Westchester Avenue - Courtesy of Studio SchaferRendering of 1133 Westchester Avenue - Courtesy of Studio Schafer

A new three-building residential complex has broken ground at 1133 Westchester Avenue in White Plains, New York. Designed by Cube 3 Architecture and developed in collaboration by The NRP Group and RPW Group, the complex is situated on a 70-acre site that previously served as IBM’s world headquarters.

When complete, each of the buildings will stand five stories above ground and will contain 303 market-rate apartments ranging from one- to three-bedroom units, some of which will have balconies. On-site amenity spaces will include a full-service gym, an outdoor pool, coworking space, and a mix of indoor and outdoor lounges.

Occupants will also have access to a shuttle offering service to the White Plains train station on the Metro-North Railroad’s Harlem Line, a local Wegmans, and a Lifetime Fitness gym, as well as additional stops in downtown White Plains.

“This project gives us an incredible opportunity to bring to life White Plains’ vision of creating communities that are flexible, transit-oriented, and in demand,” said NRP Group’s vice president of development Jonathan Gertman. “We feel lucky to have been chosen by RPW to partner on a project of such significance.”

Groundbreaking event at 1133 Westchester Avenue

Groundbreaking event at 1133 Westchester Avenue

Final renderings from the project team were also revealed in tandem with the announcement of the construction milestone. These illustrations depict a conventional massing with a gray and brown masonry façade, double-paned windows at every floor, and a club-style amenities deck at the edge of the property.

The development team anticipates completion by early 2022. The project will be constructed to LEED-certified standards and will include rooftop solar panels on all three buildings, as well as on-site electric vehicle charging stations.

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15 Comments on "Developers Break Ground on 70-Acre Residential Complex in White Plains"

  1. David : Sent From Heaven. | September 1, 2020 at 7:10 am | Reply

    Coveralled with your development report, the ground can be covered by materials: Thank you.

  2. What about building some apartments for low income people including seniors who need to live in decent size apartments and to be able to afford living in White Plains. All the builders keep doing is building apartments and condos for the wealthy. There are plenty of apartments already in White Plains that accommodate that group.

    • LaKenya Bennett | September 2, 2020 at 7:30 am | Reply

      I second the sentiment in regard to the need for low income apartments in White Plains. I am a native of White Plains, and have yet to see a complex of this nature that is affordable for those that are in the low income bracket. Are we not deserving of these amenities? Not all low income persons are destructive and low in stature. When we provide a living space that is welcoming, it provides the incentive that is necessary to thrust us to continue on a positive path each day. We should provide these opportunities to those who are hard working yet do not fall into an income bracket that allows for this quality of life…Hopefully my words will echo in the ears of those that continue to make the decision to build in this area.

  3. How about low income peoples? Unfortunately, you cannot build million dollar projects for low income people because the construction companies will never get their money back.

  4. 300 units, in five story buildings, on 70 acres? I am very confused about what they are doing with the other 65 acres.

  5. More sport facilities, and family community centers..for a much better healthy generation…

  6. Are these buildings going to be built exactly like the residential buildings that caught fire in NJ recently and the fire that happened in Edgewater a few years ago in NJ? I believe the buildings weren’t up to fire code?

  7. It’s true I can’t get an apartment I live with a friend I was in a shelter and ran from there

  8. Whiteplains, is a joke the entire Westchester County is a joke, they build these high rise buildings and the rent is so high only the wealthy can afford them. Whiteplains, have so many empty apartments, and they are building more. They think people from the city are going to run to Whiteplains to escape the city. The amount of money you pay for rent you might as well save and by a house.

  9. I agree with Susan Corsi. My sentiments exactly. I am 55+ and have been looking for a decent studio/1 bedroom apartment for at least 7 years. If it’s affordable it’s not livable. And if it’s livable it’s not affordable.

  10. Right its built for the wealthy

  11. Abigail Rodriguez | September 2, 2020 at 6:37 pm | Reply

    Would love a decent apartment at reasonable price.

  12. CHRISTINE MEREIGH | September 3, 2020 at 1:30 am | Reply

    My Sentiments exactly Susan Corsi. I am a Senior and would appreciate a nice affordable safe apartment. I think Seniors don’t get nearly the consideration as we should ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO HOUSING.Why I am sure behind all these people making these deals for all these Luxury Living Buildings is a Senior that got them thus far. Don’t forget about us who were hard working people that forged the way for all of YOU. NOW THINK ABOUT US. AT LEAST FOR THE FEW YEARS WE MAY HAVE LEFT TO ENJOY OUR LIVES.

  13. 20% of the apts need to be cost effective to others who deserve to live in buildings such as this ,not market value , a lot of buildings get tax breaks to be able to reduce rent cost for a certain amount of apts . You work hard all your life , you would like to live in a decent apt Not everyone can afford $5000 a month for an apt .

  14. I agree with all the commenters individuals who are 50 and over we work very hard and yes we can’t afford certain apartments or complexes that include beautiful amenities ,, however we should not be forgotten.

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