Affordable Housing Development Tops Out at 913 East Tremont Avenue in West Farms, The Bronx

913 East Tremont Avenue in West Farms, The Bronx913 East Tremont Avenue in West Farms, The Bronx

Last week Camber Property Group and Westhab announced the topping out of 913 East Tremont Avenue, a 100-percent affordable rental development in The Bronx’s West Farms neighborhood. Components of the 11-story, 98,846-square-foot development include 119 housing units and 6,500 square feet of commercial space. The building is designed by Aufgang Architects and is being constructed by SD Builders.

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

“This development is transforming an underutilized lot in the West Farms neighborhood into best-in-class affordable housing, and we are thrilled to reach this milestone as we prepare to welcome more than 100 families to their new homes,” said Rick Gropper, principal at Camber Property Group. “Our city has a critical need for affordable housing, including supportive units for the formerly homeless, and we will continue our work to fill that need across the five boroughs.”

Sixty percent of the units will be allocated to formerly homeless residents who need supportive services, with the remaining residences for low-income individuals and families.

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

Photo: Camber Property Group

Amenities of 913 East Tremont Avenue will include a outdoor recreational space with a garden, a 1,300-square-foot community room, and energy-efficient appliances within the residences. Westhab will also have dedicated space within the building for supportive services.

“913 East Tremont is another example of Camber Property Group’s long-term commitment to ensuring Bronxites have quality, affordable housing,” said New York City councilmember Rafael Salamanca. “With the official topping out of the building, the reality of 119 units of affordable housing, including the majority of units at the deepest affordability, is something the West Farms community is eagerly anticipating. I thank Camber and Westhab for their partnership on this project, and look forward to the building’s completion in the months ahead.”

913 East Tremont Avenue is expected to be completed this year.

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