1,663-Foot-Tall Tower by David Adjaye Revealed As Part of RFP Submission For 418 11th Avenue, In Hudson Yards

418 11th Avenue. Designed by David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates.

While concrete details remain unconfirmed, the first Request for Proposal (RFP) submission for the site of a future supertall north of Related Companies’ Hudson Yards complex has now been unveiled. The ground-up 1,663-foot-tall building would become one of the tallest towers in New York City by both architectural and roof height, on the site of the former Hudson Spire proposal. Sir David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates is the architect, while developers include Deryl McKissick, The Peebles Corporation, Exact Capital Group, and the Witkoff Group. The envisioned master plan would sit on a 1.2-acre lot, dubbed “Site K,” at 418 11th Avenue, bound by West 35th and West 36th Street, Hudson Boulevard West, and 11th Avenue.

Below is a rendering looking south at the edifice that has a prominent series of stepped cantilevers on the western elevation. The floor plates gradually increase in multi-level increments with the largest set being on the very last rectangular volume. It also looks like there will be a protected landscaped outdoor rooftop terrace, as well as another atop the podium.

418 11th Avenue. Designed by David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates.

The envelope is designed with thin parallel lines with arches beneath each cantilevering portion of the supertall.

418 11th Avenue. Designed by David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates.

The plans call for a total of two hotels, an observation deck, a skating rink, and commercial office space that includes a future headquarters space for the NAACP. The team expect this massive undertaking to employ 30,000 New Yorkers over the course of six years, create 15,000 permanent jobs, generate over $5 billion in new tax revenue for New York City and New York state over a 30-year period. 418 11th Avenue would become a major part in the state of New York’s $51 billion investment into constructing, redeveloping, upgrading, and investing in this section of Midtown, Manhattan’s infrastructure, commercial, retail and residential potential.

An outdoor terrace is shown to have planting, water features, and decorative railings, while these spaces are double-height areas framed by glass curtain walls and bronze-colored mullions.

418 11th Avenue. Designed by David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates.

Meanwhile the proposed ice skating rink would sit behind the envelope but not go all the way up to the perimeter.

418 11th Avenue. Designed by David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates.

Site K is currently owned by the New York Convention Center Development Corp., which is a subsidiary of Empire State Development and sits across from the Jakob J. Javits Center. The 7 train at Hudson Yards is the closest means of subway access, while the Lincoln Tunnel is only several streets to the north.

No commencement or completion date for 418 11th Avenue have been announced as of now.

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63 Comments on "1,663-Foot-Tall Tower by David Adjaye Revealed As Part of RFP Submission For 418 11th Avenue, In Hudson Yards"

  1. confused in st louis | October 14, 2021 at 8:29 am | Reply

    Had to check a thesaurus for this one. I’m going with “discomforting”.

  2. This building is just proposed. I give it 50/50 at best if ever happening.

  3. David in Bushwick | October 14, 2021 at 8:56 am | Reply


  4. Nothing this cool will EVER be approved or go forward…sad

  5. Anti-gravity.

  6. David : Sent From Heaven. | October 14, 2021 at 9:16 am | Reply

    The envelope is designed with thin parallel lines, say yes it is beautiful. No commencement or completion date, but the supertall must be created: Thanks to Michael Young.

  7. The designers are dreaming, and probably as high as their proposed roofline. Nuts.

  8. In the first rendering it’s double the hight of the Spiral which would make it just over 2000 feet tall… Lol.

  9. You people haven’t learned anything with all these tall buildings

  10. Do they purposely present initial designs like this to create reaction? This is Two World Trade Center all over again.

  11. NO MORE STACKED BOXES. Though the details are beautiful, overall it’s quite oppressive on the skyline. Adjaye is so talented when it comes to smaller projects where the small details matter, his larger projects leave a lot to be desired.

  12. I like the spire way better

  13. what? scratching my head. and the NAACP? and ice skating on the roof? why not a PEZ museum?

  14. With all the new buildings in and around Hudson Yards, they have got to be kidding with this Super Tall design! Given a strong wind, the top heavy structure could collapse into the Hudson River.

    • They should hire you as a safety expert. Obviously their fancy engineers with their fancy degrees had not thought of that at all.

      • There IS something to be said of PERCEIVED instability. I personally see no advantage in it. It’s like designing a perfectly safe and functioning bridge but it’s designed to make you nauseous with unnecessary movement.

  15. Why don’t architects want to design buildings that will be admired by generations to come, rather than bizarre designs like this that will be vilified within a few years? So disappointing.

    • And the architect has a pretty good track record and I count myself as a fan. It’s like the client asked him to push it well into fantasyland for shock affect.

      • That’s possible, but a good architect would push back and would certainly not want to tarnish his reputation with something this horrid. Or at least you would hope.

  16. Timber…!

  17. Coming Summer 2025…
    Starrng the Rock and a cast of Hollywood’s biggest names!

  18. Horrible, complete delusion of architecture, can we stop these minecraft starchitect boxes pls? NYC needs an old fashioned setback rule again this design would simply look better flipped upside down.

  19. What a stupid looking design.

  20. Not buying this one nothing to look at very generic just like the whole area.

  21. Love it!! Tall & a great addition to all the other skyscraper in Hudson Yards.

  22. Why cantilevers on a super tall building in Manhattan? And they’re all on one side. This reeks of a tipping over WTC. Unsettling.

  23. Painful to look at!

  24. Cheesemaster200 | October 14, 2021 at 11:27 am | Reply

    Well at least it will fall into the river.

  25. Someone was standing on their head, and inverted a normal stepped design post modern building.

  26. Affirmative architecture.

  27. What the city really needs, more generic grand gestures, bland office space and hotels for tourists… also this design already looks dated.

  28. No indoor ferris wheel?

  29. Excluding the pedestal, if you flip that tower upside down, I think you’d have yourself a gorgeous addition to the skyline.

  30. I think it would look much better the other way.

  31. You put the most expensive venues on the top in this weird world of The Views. In the meantime, life at the bottom on the real streets of the city is an oppression of congestion, inadequate public transportation and other unfortunate effects of bad planning. Imagine this with all the towers Related still plans to build on the other half of Hudson Yards. At least in the future some people will be able to get around in air taxis — like the sublime Roy family of Succession. The perfect tenants…

  32. Its my birthday and I have kids, I’m also homeless and disabled. I need apartment.

  33. Looks gorgeous. Excited to see it happen.

  34. The height: Great! But would like taller – much taller.
    The design: No so great.

  35. I’ve always been fond of the idea of having a 1500 ft+ design in the Hudson Yards area, but this is just bad. It doesn’t evoque any feelings. It’s just giant stacked boxes that look like they’ll topple over into the river below. For something at this height, it needs more harmony and elegance.

  36. NO! NO! NO!

  37. If this was TWO tapering towers and they joined at the top like CCTV it would be… Interesting. This just feels like something a human being had no hand in. Who would want to work or live in such a bizarre thing? And even it is structurally stable, it broadcasts that maybe you shouldn’t feel so sure of that.

  38. Where’s he goober that says everything is going to be a future homeless shelter?

  39. Welcome to NY, where effort and imagination take a back seat.

  40. Just because you can does not mean that you should.

  41. As if the folks that occupy this thing would ever let that many people of color in there – ha! The renderings are pretty fantastical in that regard.

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