Residential Tower at 4650 Broadway Tops-Out in Inwood, Manhattan

Rendering of Sherman Plaza at 4650 Broadway - Courtesy of View, Inc.Rendering of Sherman Plaza at 4650 Broadway - Courtesy of View, Inc.

Construction has topped out at 4650 Broadway, a forthcoming 19-story tower in Inwood, Manhattan. Designed by Handel Architects and developed by Arden Group, the structure will yield 222 rental apartments, lower-level retail space, a community facility, and tenant amenities. The latter will include a fitness center, a children’s playroom, a resident lounge, and multiple outdoor terraces.

Below the fourth floor, the exterior features floor-to-ceiling glass set behind undulating vertical fins along the Sherman Avenue and Broadway elevations. Above these floors, the building sets back and features a rectangular form with a reflective glass façade and ornamental white and black cladding.

4560 Broadway project team celebrates construction milestone

4560 Broadway project team celebrates construction milestone

“The topping-out ceremony marks an important and exciting milestone for the 4650 Broadway property, and we look forward to the positive impact that the property will have on the local community,” said Craig A. Spencer, chairman and CEO of Arden Group. “4650 Broadway will set new standards for the residential living experience and building sustainability, and we thank all our partners on the project team for their collaboration, dedication, and passion.”

The first residents are expected to move in during the summer of 2024.

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21 Comments on "Residential Tower at 4650 Broadway Tops-Out in Inwood, Manhattan"

  1. Wow, can’t believe this bland 1970’s throwback is actually being built.

  2. Looks nice.

  3. Holiday Inn, Las Vegas?

  4. The base would have looked fine without the silly waves – maybe those won’t make it to the final product – but would have looked even better with the restored Packard façade reapplied. The most negative thing about the project though is there is absolutely no relationship between the curved base that follows the street in a pleasing way just like the previous structure and the rectangle tower plopped on top. And then the plopped on top rectangle tower is about the dullest thing imaginable. Would have looked better a project of two separate towers on the base with the northern one taller than the southern one which would have mirrored the curved on the base. Lost opportunity for something really interesting at that highly visible corner.

    As a side note, there is an apartment building on the south side of that intersection that underwent a brutal parapet defacing some years ago that is the poster child for why the city should have some sort of tax abatement or incentive program for building owners to actually restore the parapets of these handsome pre-war apartment buildings instead of stripping them of ornament as we heartbreakingly see so often when their 5 year facade inspection finds that work needs to be done on the masonry. This has been happening for decades and its maddening that apparantly the response from the city, DOB and Landmarks forthat matter is a collective shoulder shrug.

  5. Maintenance cleaning poter position

  6. Looks terrible. The original design looked better without the tumor thing.

  7. Absolutely hideous. Made worse by the fact it faces Fort Tryon Park.

  8. No thanks to Ydanis Rodriguez, an historic and landmarked park is destroyed for future generations, never mind that there is insufficient infrastructure to support the residents in the surrounding neighborhood. Glad Arden will make millions and wildlife and residents will suffer. TRAVESTY!

    • I think the design mostly sucks BUT what in the he’ll are you talking about? The park will be “destroyed” by the new building? Inwood’s infrastructure can’t absorb 200 new units? Yeah okay psycho.

      • Hudson McHeights | May 14, 2023 at 1:10 pm | Reply

        Agreed NFA. As if the A and 1 trains will be overwhelmed by this building. We have great infrastructure and the park will be fine.

        I don’t have as huge gripes about the design as you but I’m glad there is some YIMBY spirit here.

        • Hey Hudson
          YIMBY spirit to call someone a psycho just because you don’t agree with their opinion!
          WTF is wrong with you YIMBYS

        • Neighborhood Waiter | August 19, 2023 at 12:28 pm | Reply

          Hey Hudson. The A train is ALREADY overwhelmed, starting at the top of the line at 207th, and this structure is ONE STOP away.

      • NFA
        what gives you the right to call someone a PSYCHO because you don’t agree with their opinion?!
        WTF !

    • Donna
      Way to go to
      YIMBYS don’t get it

    • The park is perfectly fine and untouched across the street… This was the old “welfare” building, the bottom part was designed by Albert Kahn And I’m sure they kept the design in memory of his last standing building of Manhattan

  9. John Michaels | May 14, 2023 at 3:24 pm | Reply

    The influx of successful working people will improve the area. Sadly, many will face crime against them merely for their race.

    • John Michaels
      WTF is wrong with you YIMBYS?
      RACE and CRIME?

    • Lol what?! Yikes – beautiful building that would have lasted another 100 years was torn down for this monstrosity that no one in the neighborhood will be able to afford. As a successful working person who lives nearby, I have been having to deal with my building shaking and mass construction interruptions.

    • Neighborhood Waiter | August 19, 2023 at 12:24 pm | Reply

      Agree with @guesser. Racist much against current residents, John Michaels?? There are already plenty of successful working people in this area, bozo.

  10. This is going to be a major eyesore for the neighborhood. How could such an ugly, out-of-place project be approved, let alone, designed?!

  11. Neighborhood Waiter | August 19, 2023 at 12:21 pm | Reply

    Is it true that a Trader Joe’s is going in there?

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