Foundations Underway for 49-Story Skyscraper at 98 DeKalb Avenue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Photo by Michael Young

Excavation and foundation work are moving along at 98 DeKalb Avenue, the site of a 49-story residential skyscraper in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Designed by SLCE Architects and developed by Rockrose Development, the 610-foot-tall structure will yield 418,092 square feet with 609 residential units and 3,775 square feet of commercial space. 180 Ashland GC LLC is the general contractor for the project, which is alternately addressed as 180 Ashland Place and located at the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Ashland Place.

Crews had just broken ground at the time of our last update in December. Since then, the project has descended well above street level with several excavators and piling machines at work on the site. Recent photos show the foundation walls beginning to be formed on the southern end of the lot, with numerous sections of steel rebar protruding around the perimeter in preparation for subsequent concrete pours. YIMBY expects the foundations to take shape throughout the rest of 2023, with construction potentially rising above street level before the year is out.

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

Photo by Michael Young

No official renderings have been revealed for 98 DeKalb Avenue apart from the below axonometric diagram, which previews the building’s massing. The podium will occupy the entire footprint and extend around two low-rise holdouts along DeKalb Avenue. The tower will rise uniformly to an upper setback on the southern elevation, followed by four more levels with higher ceiling spans, and culminate in a flat parapet.

98 DeKalb Avenue. Designed by SLCE Architects

The nearest subways from the property are the B, Q, and R trains at the DeKalb Avenue station and the G train at the Fulton Street station.

98 DeKalb Avenue’s anticipated completion date is scheduled for the fall of 2025, as noted on site.

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16 Comments on "Foundations Underway for 49-Story Skyscraper at 98 DeKalb Avenue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn"

  1. David : Sent From Heaven. | June 9, 2023 at 9:27 am | Reply

    See this according to these photos described about foundations underway, well clear on construction site for a 49-story skyscraper. Progress views surrounded by tall buildings that have been completed and not yet completed, get down to axonometric diagram I think it can be seen over there is prominent part with higher ceiling spans: Thanks to Michael Young.

  2. Man I wish this build was double the height with double the floors so there could be over 1,000 residential units

    • hey darrel
      how about they build this building right next to where you live?
      Would you still advocate for double the height or would you instantly become a NIMBY?

      • Maybe ask for some more cheap appartement while also complaining about people wanting larger buildings build…can’t have it both

  3. Photo by Michael Young 💪🏾

  4. I know we’re supposed to be happy about the two old structures being “saved” but I fear it’s going to look ridiculous especially with that setback massing requiring the single floor podium on the outside corner which will likely leave the old ugly party wall exposed. I hope I’m wrong, maybe there will be trees or something above the podium and/or a new veneer to cover it. I just can’t help but think the entire design would have been better if they could have acquired them which would have allowed a less convoluted DeKalb elevation.

    • NFA
      Who gives a sht if it looks ridiculous , like Christopher said businesses were saved and people didn’t lose their homes because of this piece of crap building getting built

  5. David in Bushwick | June 9, 2023 at 11:56 am | Reply

    I’m really glad the historical holdouts held out. Two businesses not destroyed and several homes people weren’t forced to leave. It’s a shame the historical facade of the converted parking garage building on Ashland wasn’t retained.
    It’s good to see Downtown Brooklyn booming, but not at the cost of everything that came before it. Smarter development is the key.

    • I agree there’s no need to bulldoze half of old Brooklyn to build a new one, otherwise why would anyone live there without any character of the old?

      • I have a strong feeling that when all the building is done most won’t be happy with what downtown Brooklyn or Brooklyn.
        There used to be a separation between going into the city and coming to Brooklyn.
        That old community feel will be lost and so will the spreading love. It won’t be the Brooklyn way.

        • Oh please. You can’t be serious.

          • NFA he’s serious and I can’t agree more with NR
            Millionaire developers because of their greed are turning Brooklyn into Manhattan and taking the soul of Brooklyn away
            So sad.

  6. The podium reminds me of the Sphinx!

  7. Kevin Sanchez | June 9, 2023 at 5:37 pm | Reply

    Let’s hope they don’t value engineer the facade. This has a very good location and lack of tall buildings around it 🤞🤞

  8. Rockrose and SLCE inevitably means a featureless glass facade. Probably with PTACs.

  9. Nice to see the old bldg. w/the deli in the pic. Downtown Bklyn starting to resemble Houston

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