Landmarks Approves Expansion of House at 4520 Waldo Avenue, Fieldston

Proposal for 4520 Waldo AvenueProposal for 4520 Waldo Avenue

As we’ve told you in the past, the Landmarks Preservation Commission deals with projects both extremely big and very small. Such was the case last Tuesday, when it approved the expansion of a single-family home at 4520 Waldo Avenue in the Bronx’s Fieldston Historic District.

4520 Waldo Avenue, existing conditions.

4520 Waldo Avenue, existing conditions.

Since it’s not a multi-unit structure and isn’t new, it might not be that newsworthy, but it’s interesting as an example of just how the LPC works and how New York City’s much more suburb-like areas deal with their growing pains.

In this case, the neo-Colonial style home was built between 1933 and 1938. Its expansion plan was designed by Manhattan-based Building Studio Architects.

As for the expansion itself, it includes the demolition of the current garage, to replace it with a much larger piece of house that includes a garage and comes closer to the front. The second floor will grow immensely and a new terrace will be constructed where the current entrance patio is. Put a bit more simply, the project provides a nearly complete infill of the land currently occupied by the garage with an expansion of the second floor.

Materials will include reclaimed slate and reclaimed brick as well as copper and new wood. A nice touch will be the construction of an ornamental lamppost in front of the entrance.

The proposal, which was a revision from that presented in November, was approved by the commissioners without much more than a question or two to clarify points. As it was a public meeting, not a public hearing (being that it was the presentation of a revised proposal), there was no public testimony.

You can view the full presentation slides below.

4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_01 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_02 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_03 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_04 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_05 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_06 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_07 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_08 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_09 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_10 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_11 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_12 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_13 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_14 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_15 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_16 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_17 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_18 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_19 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_20 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_21 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_22 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_23 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_24 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_25 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_26 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_27 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_28 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_29 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_30 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_31 4520WaldoAvenue_20160308_32

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