Multi-Towered Mega-Project Revealed at 960 Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Preliminary renderings of 960 Franklin Avenue from the parking lot located at the northeastcorner of Montgomery Street and Franklin Avenue

Recent proposals to the New York City Department of City Planning could facilitate the construction of a 1.4 million square foot, mixed-use project in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. If approved, the massive plan could yield one of the community’s largest-ever developments.

The assembled parcels, referred to simply as 960 Franklin Avenue, were purchased in a partnership by Bruce Eichner’s Continuum Company and Joel Bergstein’s Lincoln Equities. Further funding for the project would be sourced from a combination of state and federal programs for affordable housing developments in addition to privately acquired capital.

Located just East of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Prospect Park, the development would include the construction of two mixed-use buildings to be completed in two distinct phases.

The first phase would begin as early as January 2021 with anticipated completion by September of that same year. If approved, building one would rise 39 stories, or about 421 feet, at the southern end of the project site. The building would comprise 705,652 square feet and contain 810 residences. A total of 405 units would let as affordable homes.

The first building would also contain 9,641 square feet of retail area and 113 parking spaces.

The second phase could begin as early as October 2021 and wrap up by April 2024. This structure would also comprise 39 stories, but top-off slightly higher at 424 feet. The building would comprise 663,662 square feet and contain 768 units. Given the total number of proposed affordable units in the entire development, it can be assumed this phase would include 381 affordable homes.

The second phase would also include 11,542 square feet of retail, 9,678 square feet dedicated to a community facility, and 67 parking spaces.

In total, approximately 50% of residential area would lease as affordable housing at tiered levels of income. That percentage amounts to about 790 units out of approximately 1,590 total residences.

Preliminary renderings of 960 Franklin Avenue from the southeast corner of Montgomery Street and Franklin Avenue

The development would also introduce 50,258 square feet of open space divided between public and private residential use. Of that total area, about 18,000 square feet would be available to the public during daytime hours.

On March 12th, 2019, the development team is expected to present these proposals to the public, where members of the local community will be able to voice their opinions and concerns. If deemed appropriate, the developer would alter the proposals before submitting final plans to city agencies.

It remains to be seen how the city and community members will react to the new proposals. If approved by the Department of City Planning, full completion is expected by 2024.

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22 Comments on "Multi-Towered Mega-Project Revealed at 960 Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Progress on my ugly words I thought you don’t want to read and feel, so noble words from me to the project I see the beauty on your report. Although it’s not HD. (Thanks to Sebastian Morris)

  2. All for development but this seems kinda outta place

  3. Day dreamers, won’t be realized, a sun drenched projects. NIMBYism protest since 50% of projects are unaffordable for the rest of them. AOC will start saying it’s too tall, in Socialist state no building should be taller than 16-24 floors, period!!!! And every building must have a solar cells and electrical chargers for cars, and every project must have a HSR to California, so AOC and her friends will able to visit her friend Kamala Harris in 22 hours ride, or Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota in 9 hour ride.

  4. Hey Jack, I think your tin foil hat fell off.

  5. That’s exactly the kind of unreal expectations AOC and her ignorant lot would insist on.

    They are the one clad in Reynolds Wrap chapeaus, not Jack.

  6. Richard, I’m a fan of AOC, and perhaps even ‘one of her lot’, and I’m in support of this project. At 50% “affordable”, they’re doing about as much as possible by a for-profit company. We need to address what “affordable” means in terms of income brackets, but 50% of a development is a good start.
    If this developer has anything to worry about, it’s MFTPOTP. She is a lunatic and is probably right now filing a lawsuit and papering the neighborhood. Don’t cast us progressives in with her lot.

  7. The numbers wont work at 50% affordable, even at high AMI levels. you cant have a $200/sf land basis AND provide affordable housing.

  8. Why would you consider solar power and electric cars a bad thing? Didn’t know that striving for clean air could be considered in sarcasm. And dreaming is not a bad thing!

  9. Oh, don’t worry about Richard. He’s sundowning and got all worked up from watching Tucker Carlson before the meds kicked it.

  10. “Sundowning”, “Meds kicked in”. A swipe at Tucker Carlson. Delightful flights of self-righteous bashing of someone you don’t know without the slightest hesitation.
    I forgot that website comboxes are where progressives prove themselves to be the masters of the very kind of hate they claim to oppose. Nice job CRNHTZ!

  11. How then would you prefer people respond to your crazy right-wing comments?

    • I didn’t know casually coming to the defense of someone who has been the object of an ad hominem attack, by rebutting it with the same childish approach (to demonstrate said quality) constitutes a “crazy right-wing comment”. I did not identify myself as either right-or left wing, but assuming the former…why not respond with a thoughtful expression of an opposing viewpoint with the hope of beginning a mature discussion? Or is that now an alien concept?

  12. You’re welcome, Grandpa!

    • “Grandpa”? Again. No idea how old I am (possibly younger than you. No actual context. Just nasty hate, which doesn’t require any intellectual work. So sad.

  13. Would be an exiting addition to the neighborhood.

  14. who is the architect?

  15. i hope the AMI in these affordable units are 20 30 and 80 AMI this you rarely see, we also need affordable housing

  16. What has to happen for the citizens of New York to get control of their zoning again?

    The idea that someone who doesn’t even LIVE in a neighborhood can destroy the quality of that neighborhood for the tens of thousands who DO live there – simply because he has money – has got to stop.

  17. Hello. And Bye.

  18. I love when a building sparks conversation. I love reading all the comments.

  19. Too bad they love to start construction at midnight until dawn… it isn’t right and 311 won’t do a thing about it. Listening to what sounds like a lawnmower as I type from down the block.

  20. This is going to be amazing! We’re turning Brooklyn into Manhattan with a gorgeous skyline of its own. Imagine being on the top floor being able to overlook the botanical gardens!

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