New Rendering for Three Hudson Boulevard Shows Height Increase, in Hudson Yards

Three Hudson Boulevard, rendering by NoTriangle

A new rendering from 3D architectural visualization studio NoTriangle depicts an updated design for Three Hudson Boulevard. The featured image shows a tall glass skyscraper that rises at nearly as high as the 1,009-foot 35 Hudson Yards. Several setbacks on the eastern and southern elevation of the future commercial office tower can be spotted. It is still being designed by FXCollaborative and developed by the Moinian Group.

The site is located next to phase one of Hudson Yards and just across the street to the north of 55 Hudson Yards. The intersection of Eleventh Avenue and West 34th Street makes it a busy crossroads of tourists, commuters, and construction workers. Bella Abzug Park sits to the east of the property.

3 Hudson Boulevard, image from The Moinian Group

The rendering above shows the previous iteration, which was slated to rise 53 floors and 940 feet tall with nearly two million square feet of space. However, those numbers are predicted to increase modestly with the visual height bump. Work on the site is currently active and starting to make its way toward street level. The height and proportions for Three Hudson Boulevard make it a good match among the completed buildings in the first phase of Hudson Yards. The closest subway station is the 7 train between 50 Hudson Yards and 55 Hudson Yards.

Other accompanying works under construction that will develop the area into a more vibrant neighborhood include 50 Hudson Yards by Norman Foster of Foster + Partners, The Spiral by Bjarke Ingels Group, Tishman Speyer’s second office project at 99 Hudson Boulevard, and the expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Center. There is also the second phase of Hudson Yards, which will further solidify this new neighborhood as a prime center for offices, retail, dining, entertainment, and tourism.

A completion date for Three Hudson Boulevard is most likely sometime in 2021.

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10 Comments on "New Rendering for Three Hudson Boulevard Shows Height Increase, in Hudson Yards"

  1. Just in time: Please pardon me for using your space. (Thanks to Michael Young)

  2. This is a really baffling post. You have virtually no solid information to go on. You are deducing the height increase from a rendering, which isn’t necessarily perfectly proportional, but you didn’t bother calling the developer or looking up the DOB filings? Or for that matter, stopping by the site in person, which would have told you that there has been no substantial progress on the site for a long time and there is little active work being done, if any. Garbage journalism at its worst.

  3. This building gets uglier by the day.

  4. David in Bushwick | May 6, 2019 at 10:58 am | Reply

    This whole development is a truly transparent symbol of our greed, waste and irresponsibility.

  5. Let’s hope the design of Phase 2’s buildings begins to hide or put in some sort of context the garishness & crassness of HY. Maybe the development will begin to visually disappear. As the surrounding area evolves. Dreaming on.

    • Howard Miller | May 18, 2019 at 6:07 am | Reply

      Wow! So glad to see that I’m NOT the only one anymore who thinks Hudson Yards is spectacularly FUGLY.


      But hey, what took everyone else so long to realize that the buildings seen in Hudson Yards aren’t just ugly, but actually have managed to pull-off something previously thought impossible until now:

      Full-on, FUGLY!

      In fact, it’s as if virtually all of our real estate overlords (aka developers) are sitting in a room and laughing their butts off saying: “My building is UGLIER than yours; and my next one will be EVEN UGLIER!…Let’s see if you can TOP THAT with an even uglier POS than mine!”

      Yep, for sure, Hudson Yards is on its way to becoming known as the world’s biggest collection of the FUGLIEST Supertall buildings on the planet.

      Oh, well…maybe NYC won’t be the “Capital of the World” anymore what with its spectacularly fugly Supertalls sprouting up, and that super cheap and fugly looking new Port Authority Bus Terminal – at LaGuardia Airport, that is (Hot Dang! – has anyone else noticed just how freakin’ ugly those new, but incredibly cheapAF looking, terminals are?!?!? Yowza, we’re so getting an $8 billion bus terminal instead of the gleaming “21st century ‘World Class’ gateway we were promised”.

      Ah, but I digress…)

      Anyhow, yeah, so sad – but so true:

      Most of the architecture in NYC for our biggest, skyline defining buildings – oh, and now super fugly looking, cheapAF nastiness at LaGuardia Airport, too – is jaw-dropping, mind-boggling, HORRIBLE.

      Maybe NOT the “Capital of the World” anymore – but sure looks like we’re well on the way towards becoming the Capital of the greatest collection of super FUGLY buildings the world has ever seen because that sure does FIT Hudson Yards, and from the looks of things on flights taken using LaGuardia Airport over the past month or so, those new terminals are also well on their way to being uglyAF.

      Such as shame we can’t build anything spectacular very often anymore.

      Like I said, it’s as if our builders are sitting in a room laughing their butts off fighting over who can build the ugliest buildings possible. ?

      But hey, I’m so glad that others are now also seeing and talking about just how much of a disappointment (and lost opportunity) Hudson Yards is turning out to be in terms of architecture and urban planning…

      It’s nice to know that I’m NOT crazy after all! ?. Hehehe

      Oh, and just you wait and see how spectacularly FUGLY LaGuardia Airport is gonna be cause what’s been seen so far ain’t anywhere near as nice as what was promised in those oh, so pretty renders they falsely claim our shiny new BUS STATION…er airport… over there by CitiField and Flushing Bay would be!

      Just sayin’

  6. This article is idiotic, it basing the height increase on a drawing

  7. Michael keit | May 7, 2019 at 9:29 am | Reply

    Foundation work has been at a standstill for 6 months.

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