220 Central Park South Readies for 2020 Opening in Midtown

220 Central Park South. Photo by Michael Young

Work is wrapping up on 220 Central Park South, number ten on YIMBY’s countdown of the tallest skyscrapers rising in the city. The 950-foot-tall, 67-story tower is designed by Robert A. M. Stern Architects and contains 593,000 square feet of residential space that overlooks Central Park and Columbus Circle. Vornado Realty Trust is the developer of the $1.4-billion-dollar project and expects a $3.4 billion sellout. SLCE Architects is the executive architect, while Thierry W. Despont is designing the building’s interiors.

Photos show that the crown is mostly complete, with the exception of a few small sections at the corners.

220 Central Park South. Photo by Michael Young

220 Central Park South with Columbus Circle in the background. Photo by Michael Young

220 Central Park South. Photo by Daniel Morgan.

The exterior hoist was taken down earlier this year and the rest of the curtain wall of the slender eastern elevation was quickly filled in. Meanwhile, the ground-floor space on West 58th Street and Central Park South progressed rapidly with the motor courtyard almost complete. The crown is fully illuminated at nighttime and features spotlights that shine upward on all four sides of the faceted limestone roof parapet. The ten units inside the 18-story annex, named “The Villas,” are also nearing completion.

The Midtown residential skyscraper saw two major events occur this year: Ken Griffin’s purchase of the 23,000-square-foot penthouse for $238 million that broke the record for the most expensive home sale ever in the United States, and the announcement of a residents-only 54-seat Jean Georges Vongerichten restaurant on the second floor. Though it comes up just short of supertall status, the skyscraper’s bright stone façade helps it stand out from the rest of soaring towers on Billionaires’ Row.

220 Central Park South with the crown beginning to illuminate at sunset. Photo by Michael Young

Robert Stern now has buildings on three sides of Central Park: 520 Park Avenue on the Upper East Side, 15 Central Park West on the Upper West Side, and now, his tallest creation in New York City, which eclipsed the height of 30 Park Place in Lower Manhattan by 24 feet.

220 Central Park South is likely to be finished next year.

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6 Comments on "220 Central Park South Readies for 2020 Opening in Midtown"

  1. That huge ‘erector set’ window washing crane on the roof blows the wonderful ambiance of this terrific building..just a bit 🙂

  2. Love it! Beautiful building, captures details of older classic apartment buildings throughout the Upper East/West sides.

    Why can’t other ARCHITECTS design buidings as detailed as Robert Stern’s, or is just easier/cheaper to build TALL, cover it with glass panels, and call it a day?

    Like Eva in “Green Acres” said “dahling just give me a penthouse view”… from an accessible terrace, not from a glass box, with non-functioning windows!

    The only thing is that “poor” Ken might be kept awake from the floodlights on the crown, during the one “week” he stays at the penthouse? ☹

  3. RAMS’s works will endure long after all the other supertall glass-walled towers fade into mediocrity.

  4. David in Bushwick | December 23, 2019 at 5:52 am | Reply

    $238 million for one apartment which will rarely be lived in while we have over 60,000 homeless including many children. The Greed Economy is truly sick.

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