The Spiral Continues Rapid Ascent at 66 Hudson Boulevard in Hudson Yards

66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

Construction is moving along at 66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral, the eighth-tallest skyscraper under construction in New York City in YIMBY’s annual countdown. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, the massive commercial office tower is rapidly ascending toward its 1,031-foot-tall parapet over the Midtown neighborhood of Hudson Yards. Tishman Speyer is the developer, Turner Construction Company is the construction manager, and Banker Steel is in charge of fabricating the 66-story, $3.7 billion supertall.

Photos show the superstructure rising in pace with Norman Foster‘s 50 Hudson Yards across West 34th Street.

66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral, Photo by Michael Young

66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral, Photo by Michael Young

66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral, Photo by Michael Young

66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral, Photo by Michael Young

66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral, Photo by Michael Young

Both projects have risen at a substantial pace since going vertical earlier in the year, and it will be interesting to see which of the two supertalls will top out first. The Spiral currently appears to be roughly a quarter of the way to its summit as it ascends around the concrete core, which continues to precede the steelwork in formation. Work should accelerate further as each successive setback reduces the size of the floor plates.

There are several floors covered with white plastic sheets toward the end of the building along Tenth Avenue, likely to contain the spray of fireproofing material for the steel columns and beams. The fireproofing on the western half of the floors facing Bella Abzug Park is finished, and the metal clips to hold the curtain wall are already in place and awaiting the installation of the façade’s reflective glass panels. The signature spiraling form of the architectural design will become more noticeable once the envelope starts to climb all four sides.

The Spiral is expected to be finished around 2022.

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14 Comments on "The Spiral Continues Rapid Ascent at 66 Hudson Boulevard in Hudson Yards"

  1. Interesting how this building and its neighbor, 50 Hudson Yards though similar in size have different construction techniques, especially with the cores, with the core at 50 Hudson being so much more ahead of the floor plates rising around it.

    • Here with the Spiral,it sure seems to my eye that the steel precedes the concrete core, as opposed to what you write..

      • It is the angle the pictures are taken that makes it appear the steel is going up before the core…rest assured it is not.

        • Well 18 floors over the ground I count for the Spiral and at least 16 floors for concrete core of 50 Hudson Yards. The Spiral will be topout well before concrete core of opposite tower, across the street. Unprecedented Skyscraper race, never seen before my eyes in 30 years in NYC, except the WTC site. Hudson Yards exceed number of Skyscrapers in whole Ground Zero Area!!!

          • Incorrect on all counts. Steel goes before core, sprial not on L16, spiral will not top out prior to 50HY core.

        • It’s not the angle. The steel for 66 Hudson Boulevard is indeed going up before the core unlike its neighbor, 50 Hudson Yards.

  2. Confused in St Louis | December 24, 2019 at 10:34 am | Reply

    In the past few years it seems nearly all the buildings you’ve featured were concrete. Now it seems there’s several steel frame buildings going up. My imagination? Have the economics changed? Just curious.

    • Yes it was changed, changed for unprecedented economic boom and we built more and more office towers, what is generally used to built using a traditional “steel framed Skyscraper type” structures instead of reinforced concrete, what can be used in Office construction too, like 10 Hudson Yards, new office towers in LIC, but mostly used for mixed up projects, hotels, and residential.

    • Ask Pelosi. She said no. But we see economic boom, the best one economy in 30 years!!!

  3. This is the most interesting skyscraper going to rise, but pictures didn’t show yet any spiralled up seatback. I think spiral portion is yet going to be built. Like over the perimeter from floors 8 after the podium. Must looking for earlier rendering pictures. Anyway, is good to go, and progress of this construction is pretty impressive, well comparable with construction pace of One Vanderbilt. 50 Hudson Yards except the size is unimpressive glass box, and I don’t compare that building with the beauty of The Spiral, 10 and 30 Hudson Yards or One Vanderbilt.
    Anyway is impressive to see so many office big Skyscrapers going up now in NYC.
    I think overall crane count in NY is well not counted at all, I see at least 50-60 cranes across the City 5 Boroughs. But they still count like around 25-27. Count how many tower cranes in around this two towers??? Maybe they only count one crane per construction, but at least 30 buildings right now under construction have Skyscraper height over 150 meters or 492′.
    And how many are between 75-149 meters, or 246′-491′??? They are still tall highrises over 20 stories up to 48 stories.

  4. The third picture is 50 Hudson yards

  5. Large commercial and residential hi-rise construction usually peaks just before an economic downturn. Precursor of things to come.

  6. I am happy that New York City is adding yet another super tall but I wish it would go taller.

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