18 Sixth Avenue’s Podium Floors Rise Behind Barclays Center in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

18 Sixth Avenue. Rendering by Perkins Eastman

The reinforced concrete superstructure of 18 Sixth Avenue, a 49-story residential skyscraper, has begun ascending in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Designed by Perkins Eastman and developed in a joint venture between The Brodsky Organization and Greenland Forest City Partners, the 500-plus-foot-tall building will yield 858 rental units, of which 258 will be dedicated to affordable housing. The project will be the tallest structure in the 22-acre Pacific Park master plan.

Recent photos showed a large team of workers on the site, which is located between Dean Street and Atlantic Avenue, directly adjacent to Barclays Center.

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Photos from across the street and along Atlantic Avenue showed the first several levels structurally completed. Concrete delivery trucks were in the midst of pouring the fourth floor slab and the construction crane was hoisting up wooden planks for the temporary supports.

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

18 Sixth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

The developers recently secured a $460 million construction loan from M&T Bank and the Bank of New York in December 2019. Perkins Eastman’s design is expected to produce over 740,000 square feet of newly built space. Pacific Park as a whole will bring 15 buildings and a total of 6,430 units, with 2,250 being affordable, as well as offices, retail space, and an eight-acre Thomas Basely-designed public plaza. 18 Sixth Avenue will be the fifth building in Pacific Park, following after 38 Sixth, 461 Dean, 535 Carlton and 550 Vanderbilt.

Residents facing west toward Flatbush Avenue will be able to look above the curved green roof of Barclays Center and scope views of the Downtown Brooklyn skyline and the setting sun, while people on the other sides will get vistas of Pacific Park and the surrounding borough along with plentiful daylight exposure in the mornings.

18 Sixth Avenue is slated for completion in April 2023, as noted on the construction board.

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12 Comments on "18 Sixth Avenue’s Podium Floors Rise Behind Barclays Center in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn"

  1. Someone needs to tell NYNImby about the virus and construction pause.

    • It’s not paused if it’s essential

    • Nikolai Fedak | April 2, 2020 at 10:27 pm | Reply

      We update on sites with a 3-month + gap in between so no matter any pause, the updates are still relevant. Also, we are continuing as normal because all other news has turned into 24/7 apocalypse coverage, and I believe YIMBY has a duty to convey a sense of normalcy amidst the panic / etc.

      And as Jim points out, many of the sites we are reporting on are still continuing as normal. If you want to read doom and gloom all day long please go somewhere else! 🙂

      • Jack Arkitekt | April 3, 2020 at 4:42 am | Reply

        Absolutely, CCP virus scam didn’t stop YIMBY and United States!!! We will be emerged even stronger than before.
        China already have fu and 21 mln dead souls. 21 mln canceled cell phone accounts!!! Nothing stop USA and we will rebuilt America First without dependency on China after that CCP Virus biological war aggression!!!
        Yesterday I mention that building shown as wrong addressing, now YIMBY is correct it and show that it will be residential instead former planned office one. Still about 500 feet or taller, 49 story. Last building in that Barclays Center cluster.

  2. Around 30% will be social housing wow, that’s horrible for the people that pay full rate to live nextdoor to crackheads getting it for free living off their neighbors tax dollars. It dosnt even make any sense Unbelievably crazy.

    • Crackheads pay taxes too. If you think that the rich only deserve to live with the rich then I’m sure you live in the garbage since that’s where trash belongs.

    • The developer is pending north of 500 million dollars.

      Of course they want tax concessions. Whixh means affordable.

      And a crackhead is someone making 78k a year. As the ami for that area likely is.

      Its affordable rleative to community income.

      Were it your rural rv community that might imply 21k. Or parts of queens. Brooklyn . the bronx. And manhattan.

      So i guess you will fluttering around generally xonsidered middle class crackheads near barclays.

      Whixh design wise is worse than an uncles tin shed.

  3. Giulia Laugero | April 2, 2020 at 3:49 pm | Reply

    Interior Design by Lemay+Escobar Architecture

    • Suppose they do great work. At what pt does archictecture end and just excessively expensive take over.

      And then when do the architect flares just add to otherwise costly rents.

      Thats purely coming from paying 250 less for a lobby with an ikea chair and a doorman. Not opulant spanish leather seats and tiger orange imported french carpeting.

    • The more i think. Women control 95 percent of Interior decorating budgets. And as such building amenities.

      Community space and computer labs or tenant decks. That design them with flare and standing for mothers who want shove their kids out of the apartment but dont want them “running the streets”

      Its all in the marketing. Indoor pool and spa. Great. I cant kick my kid out and tell him to do laps on the 43rd floor main pool.

      While i retreat to the baement sauna.

  4. Jack Arkitekt | April 3, 2020 at 5:14 am | Reply

    Btw, Greenland is Chinese firm, partial owner of Pacific Park residential development. Hopefully is not Chinese communist investment in American Real Estate.
    PS CCP Virus update, 21 mln canceled cell phone accounts in China in period of January February, a Big Question why?!!!! Yeah officially only 87,000 cases and 6,000 dead, in one rural/industrial province of 11 mln people out of 1.4 billion population. This how China CCP propaganda works, Democrats you must learn this, CNN and NYT lazy journalist about corona (CCP Virus) apocalypse doomsday.

  5. You cant build.muxh of anything high end with purely american investors.

    The complex is a shell of its original goals. Circa 2015 when all this should have been done they would have had 100 percent market rate.

    Some community concession space. Train improvement fees.

    And made buckets of money on maintence commons or wateva recurring fee.

    Plus imagine if u owned a 3000 car parking gsrage network. Spread across the complex.

    1500 tenants spending 200 each. For the ease of math only. As reserved private parking worth 300.

    1500×300 is 450k a month. 5.4 million a year.

    Plus 22 hr public parking with a free shuttle to the train.

    Your talking 8 million dollars or more a year off parking alone.

    Now there r the vieled or visible anti poor tenant ppl. 78k for a single person is poor in that zipcode.

    Making 78k in that neighborhood u could not afford a car. Eating out. European beer (think 5.50 becks 24 oz). A haircut (studio alex costs 65 for abuzz and scissors).

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