Kushner Companies’ Two-Towered One Journal Square Approved, in Jersey City

Rendering of One Journal Square - Woods BagotRendering of One Journal Square - Woods Bagot

Following years of dispute and litigation, the Jersey City Planning Board has officially granted Kushner Companies necessary approvals to begin construction on One Journal Square, a two-skyscraper complex in downtown Jersey City. Designed by Woods Bagot, the buildings will comprise 2 million square feet and stand 710 feet tall.

The project team has also revealed final renderings of the project, which is expected to break ground this spring. Following four years of construction, tenants could begin occupancy as early as fall 2025.

Both towers will top out at 52 stories, primarily comprised of residential area. The residential component will comprise 1,723 rental apartments with 93 studios, 972 one-bedrooms, 222 two-bedrooms, and 36 three-bedroom units. Amenities will include a full-size basketball court, a pool, and an outdoor roof with an enclosed dog run, a party area, children’s spaces, barbecue grills, and communal seating.

Additional components include 41,000 square feet of retail and parking area for 883 vehicles.

As illustrated in the latest renderings, both towers will rise from a shared ten-story podium. The structures’ façade is uniform throughout and will primarily include reflective glass and steel materials.

Rendering of One Journal Square - Woods Bagot

Rendering of One Journal Square – Woods Bagot

As part of negotiated development terms, Kushner Companies will also create a lively plaza with water features, light landscaping, improved sidewalks and lampposts, and public seating, and has agreed to make a $2.5 million investment in local arts programs.

Aerial rendering of podium and public plaza at One Journal Square - Woods Bagot

Aerial rendering of podium and public plaza at One Journal Square – Woods Bagot

Rendering of public plaza at One Journal Square - Woods Bagot

Rendering of public plaza at One Journal Square – Woods Bagot

Rendering of podium and public plaza at One Journal Square - Woods Bagot

Rendering of podium and public plaza at One Journal Square – Woods Bagot

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39 Comments on "Kushner Companies’ Two-Towered One Journal Square Approved, in Jersey City"

  1. Angel's Body (David). | January 11, 2021 at 8:23 am | Reply

    I respected design on its towers, from my emotions with love and joy to rule the progress: Thank you.

  2. David in Bushwick | January 11, 2021 at 8:31 am | Reply

    Cold and impersonal. One tower should be called Jared and the other Ivanka.

  3. Will people avoid Kushner buildings moving forward?

  4. Preferred the previous renderings which would probably be topping out right about now if TDS didn’t have such on impact on Jersey City’s mayor. As for the current rendering, it looks a lot like THE MODERN in Fort Lee, a bit too much like an office or hotel.

    • You are lost buddy.

      • Oh my, does TDS effect you too? I’m very sorry and hope you recover soon.

        • No presidential politics in YIMBY comments, thank you both for complying from now on! 🙂

          • A bit selective aren’t you? Just above this are other political comments you didn’t respond to, why is that?

            My point is that politics slowed down this development and that’s why we are stuck with a less attractive rendering than what had been proposed (and I believe approved) several years ago.

          • Nikolai Fedak | January 11, 2021 at 2:14 pm |

            I said thank you BOTH, so I did respond to ALL the political comments. I have no interest in continuing this conversation. If you are looking for a reaction or political banter there are plenty of internet cesspools elsewhere for that, this discussion is now over.

          • Sorry, I didn’t comment to you, you commented to me thus I replied. In the old days we called it a, “conversation”. Sad those days are gone.

          • Nikolai Fedak | January 11, 2021 at 2:49 pm |

            You are welcome to have conversations here that pertain to new development and subject material that is non-inflammatory.

          • With more and more people leaving the cities for the suburbs and working remotely, do we need this built ?

          • Nikolai Fedak | January 11, 2021 at 4:27 pm |

            Yes we do, the relocations are likely temporary for the most part.

      • Indeed you are from past ages and you can’t fit in today’s world.

  5. Let’s all just forget about this project’s cursed status and history and try to look forward to One Journal Square’s mark on the Jersey City skyline and overall city. I think this project is going to be a good one, regardless of its issues.

    • Thomas – the issues are always there. When a developer does not act ethically, or doesn’t pay bills, or has a history that is less than reputable….the trust is broken. Never Forget.

  6. This complex does not read as residential at all, and it recalls one of the worst instances of visual blight in the New York area…principally the one which stands at 725 Fifth Avenue.

  7. The article says its in downtown, but thats not downtown; its in Journal Square, lol

  8. I was surprised to read it is residential.. Has a very office building look. Oh well…

  9. What’s the name?…thing one and thing two ?

  10. How is it being funded?

  11. grow up!! This is America people are allowed to have different opinions. It’s good for JC so go suck your thump and cry in the corner.

  12. Clearly out of scale. And the poor people around it can expect their rent to soar, or more likely become homeless. But who in this society cares?

  13. “Downtown Jersey City” lol

    But seriously, this is banlieu mediocrity at its most banal. Good height though.

  14. Another show-off; for the rich. Will there be any availabilities for middle income…? You bet! There’s no shortage of tax credit for the rich; they lavish everybody’s money-taxes on themselves.

    • These kinds of towers are actually very promising potential middle-income housing, especially when built en-masse in non-central neighborhoods like Journal Square.

  15. Marisa Annunziata | January 12, 2021 at 9:30 am | Reply

    I think Alcatraz has a nicer architectural design than this.

  16. Madeleine Linck | January 12, 2021 at 9:30 am | Reply

    This will be a bird killer building with do much reflective glass. A shame that humans do not care.

  17. Love it. Hate their politics but love their work! Great vision for Jersey City. More please, in the place of old and shoddy buildings/vacant lots!

  18. Dania Na Vargas | January 13, 2021 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    I’m wondering how much, will cost two bedrooms apartment, in a tower and area like JOURNAL SQUARE IS?

  19. It’s really sad on how many of you comment badly Jersey city has been a crap hole for over 40 years they’re finally building it up and you’re still not happy it said you have a garbage mayor but then again New Jersey has a garbage Governor the building is nice

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