Newark City Officials Approve Three-Tower High-Rise Development at 289-301 Washington Street

Rendering of The Halo - INOA ArchitectureRendering of The Halo - INOA Architecture

The Newark Central Planning Board recently approved proposals to construct The Halo, a massive three-tower residential development. Located at 289-301 Washington Street, the 44-, 48-, and 52-story towers step up to a final height of 565 feet and will be the tallest structures in Newark, New Jersey.

The Halo is the latest residential tower from INOA Architecture, a Manhattan-based design studio founded by Murat Mutlu.

The building footprint will exceed 900,000 square feet. Specific components include 949 rental units, six stories of parking positioned in the lower-level podium, and an unspecified suite of amenities. While not officially announced, renderings from the INOA reveal rooftop pools, outdoor lounge areas, and periphery terraces that appear to slice through the building’s glass façade.

Street-level rendering of lower level podium and main entrance of The Halo - INOA Architecture

Street-level rendering of lower level podium and main entrance of The Halo – INOA Architecture

Periphery terrace at The Halo - INOA Architecture

Periphery terrace at The Halo – INOA Architecture

The massing of development resembles an asymmetric, bifurcated volume with a façade that curves inward. Each tower eventually culminates in angled crowns that are playfully arranged in opposing directions. The Washington Street elevation of the podium structure is also divided in three and resembles the upper levels of each tower, as if flipped on their sides and rested on the ground. The shortest of the towers is also rendered with a rooftop pool.

Aerial rendering illustrates The Halo - INOA Architecture

Aerial rendering illustrates The Halo – INOA Architecture

Rooftop pool at The Halo - INOA Architecture

Rooftop pool at The Halo – INOA Architecture

All considered, The Halo will debut as a modern addition to Newark’s prosaic cityscape and is undoubtedly an upgrade from original designs credited to Minno & Wasko Architects and Planners. Those plans called for the construction of two 40-story residential towers comprising 594 rental units.

Previous rendering of The Halo at 289-301 Washington Street - Minno & Wasko Architects and Planners

Previous rendering of The Halo at 289-301 Washington Street – Minno & Wasko Architects and Planners

According to Acier Holdings, developer of The Halo, the first phase of construction is expected to break ground this fall and will establish a portion of the podium structure and the first tower. Phase one is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

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23 Comments on "Newark City Officials Approve Three-Tower High-Rise Development at 289-301 Washington Street"

  1. David in Bushwick | March 25, 2021 at 8:17 am | Reply

    Interesting design and nice to see Newark get some Yimby love. Are the two taller towers legal separations with a common wall?

  2. That podium.. yikes.

  3. edward J Adrion | March 25, 2021 at 10:21 am | Reply

    I work regularly a half block away from this proposed project….no one in their right mind would live in a luxury building in this area….maybe low income housing, maybe…..but certainly not high end…..amazing if it gets built….

    • Exactly my thought. It’s not a good area by day, let alone by night. These would almost certainly not be inexpensive rentals. Who would be the intended market for these buildings? Jersey City is a much better bet.

    • this is the beginning of systematizing and upscaling newark. first you get high end luxury buildings then the value of the area increases, rent n other things get expensive. upscale businesses move in, poor people move out. small business are forced to close and all of the sudden, the city and police care about the safety of the area.

  4. WOW! What an incredible project! This will for sure start the beginning of reimagining the downtown Newark area. Great job!

  5. Why not spend money to clean up rat infested areas in Newark first?

    • Both things are possible at the same time. Plus they don’t have anything to do with one another. Do you know how stuff works?

  6. It just looks like two buildings to me.

  7. WOW! The haters.

    • haters?….maybe we are just short-sighted, not haters….i would love to see newark come back to its 1940-50’s peak of popularity and success…..but that would require a complete change in leadership at both city hall and the school system, not to mention encouraging family stability and self responsibility…..once that happens, even I will buy a unit in that utopian city!!

  8. Newark? Nice!
    BUT, I don’t know if I really like it. To me, it looks like it came straight out of the Middle East or China. But, maybe it’ll actually look pretty good. I don’t know.

  9. A bold move for the new Newark.

  10. Allright Newark…to hell with the naysayers

  11. Anything polished is a good thing in Corey Booker’s City..

  12. I’m willing to bet this project never gets built. The area around the proposed project is an urban disaster and totally unsuitable for this or any other luxury high-rise apartment development. Having previously working in Newark I know there are many other sites more suitable for a major apartment project such as sites adjacent to the Jersey Transit/Amtrak train station. Furthermore I think it’s a cruel joke to proposed a project of this scope for a city like Newark. What Newark needs in my opinion is well designed moderate income worker housing not some pie in the sky luxury condos.

  13. I hate to say it but the design is horrendous and extremely amateurish, like some computer render from 2005. The original is lightyears better in the taste department. Are those awful curved lines part of the facade itself, or a rendering glitch? I really hope it’s a glitch because it is not pleasant to look at. As others have said, the podium is atrocious and almost menacing. The rooftop pool cannot be serious, there are only 12 chairs.

    I feel bad Newark really can’t seem to get on Jersey City’s level, but this is just not a quality proposal.

  14. Ok, you build it and charge New York pricing, but how is this going to help the people of the town?? What’s the actual goal here? It will look beautiful but This is a Major issue because the whole neighborhood must upgrade. This is clearly not for Newark. It’s just a slower integration of New Yorkers to have Luxurious options elsewhere. I love NY but this building is for them much more then Brick City Folks. My original thought.

  15. What many people from NY don’t know, is – Newark is a hub for jobs and universities (12-13 in the actual city, from Rutgers, NJIT, Seton Hall to Phelps). Container shipping as we know it, was invented in the Newark/Elizabeth port (the second largest port in the country). I read the response and repotying on and heard what the developer was planning for this project. Their goal was – to create a project for fellow residents of Newark and not necessarily designed for a migrating market. The fact that they’re working with Hudson Meridian, to build it, should give them credence. I was on the zoom hearing for the approval and heard what the developers plans were. They’re designing this as one of the most energy efficient and inclusive projects that the east coast has ever seen.

    As for the comments about the area, Rutgers is 2 blocks away as well as the light rail.

  16. Does anyone know what percentage of all these units are low income or moderate income?

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