Permits Filed for 41-Story Tower at 700 Atlantic Avenue in the Pacific Park Complex

Pacific Park AerialPacific Park Aerial conceptual view, image by VUW Studio and designs are preliminary

Permits have been filed for a 41-story mixed-use building at 700 Atlantic Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Located between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue, the lot is one block from the Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center subway station, serviced by the 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q, R, and Long Island Railroad trains. Greenland USA under the Pacific Park Development, LLC is listed as the owner behind the applications.

The proposed 397-foot-tall development will total 587,200 square feet, with 580,324 square feet designated for residential space and 4,362 square feet for commercial space. The building will have 682 residences, most likely rentals based on the average unit scope of 850 square feet. The concrete-based structure will also have a cellar but no accessory parking.

Dattner Architects is listed as the architect of record. The illustrative rendering in the header likely does not depict the final design, although the plot and placeholder for this building is likely located immediately to the right of The Hub in the image, which was also designed by Dattner.

700 Atlantic Avenue via Google Maps

Demolition permits were filed in 2015 and the lot is now vacant. An estimated completion date has not been announced.

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13 Comments on "Permits Filed for 41-Story Tower at 700 Atlantic Avenue in the Pacific Park Complex"

  1. Looking to a location on the new progress, the first thing that stopped me onto: Hello New York YIMBY.

  2. David in Bushwick | May 7, 2020 at 8:08 am | Reply

    Umm, which building is it in the rendering? Maybe add an arrow.

  3. Do we know which building site this is on the standard AY/PP maps? B6? Is this the first building that will be built on decking over the rail yard? That seems like a pretty big deal for it not to be mentioned in the article?

  4. The whole development site is a mess. The other side barclays saw more growth and foot traffic.

    Dont know the demographics their going for. U cant park anywhere near that site. Great mass transit.good restaurants. But the area is bland.

    Its over a municipal rail yard.

    Only way im moving there is with a huge rent concession.

    Affordable housing will play a sensible role here. The property has been inactive for ever. Ans they need another 3 to 5 aister buildings to make economics work.

    30 percent affordable. High ami or whatever. Get some yuppie from portland to move into his 2600 dollar studio over a railyard.

    Makes for good business.

  5. Better they build affordable college housing there. For the preppies who want to live of campus from nyu. Pratt. Brooklyn law. And insert the other 12 nyc colleges.

    Like a college hotel. Pay rent and have a buffett or food access pass.

    Shove two ppl into a 2500 dollar college style dorm room. Or more for single accomodation.

    Modern hip building in yuppie neighborhood with trend and mystique. Plus an apple store.

    Many successful foreigners and midwestwesterners would lovw it.

    Parents speaking:
    Harlem is not as bad as it was –just too expensive for ben

    The west and east village — no no honey 3400 market rate 1 bedroom

    Then that leaves brooklyn and the more rainbow diverse portions.

    Srry it sucks being a nyc transplant.

  6. You see sites like these r odd. They sit there forever. And nothing gets built.

    What about a 50 yr no tax. Extremely low cost loan.

    The requirement being a 78k income cap for 1 to 3 family members. 120k for 5 members.

    With a portion for lower ami.
    It would help many americans and nycers.

    When u have 5 ppl cramped in a railroad 2 bedroom apartmen at 600 a pwrson thats not healthy.

    How many parents were bankrolling their kids big city lives?

    Let alone the average bill and jane who work for nyc making 62k.

    Race narratives aside — noncolored nycers r experiencing economic disparities more so.

    Carol gardens, sunset park, gowanus. Insert your old world european enclave in nyc.

    Their losing thwir affordability juat as much as crown hwights or harlem.

    Lets not even consider dear old grandma ida or elizabeth. How are the seniors supposed to live when they r not in a rent favorable tenemant or prewar dump.

    You help the three core elements that will make nyc be great.

    The young — recent broke graduates with great skills and financial upward mobility.

    The homeless — better visuals, reduced crime, developers and near market rate tenants avoid higher taxes

    The seniors — reliable affordable housing for a group with small ssa income and small pensions.

  7. Fair housing is possible. The funding needs to be there.

    Many developers would love to turn a small profit even a decent loss on a property that will revert to market rate in 35 yrs or 50 yrs.

    Look at many five and dime stores, garages, gas stations we have seen destroyed. To build mega high rises at ridculous prices?

    Developer speaking:
    I want a low cost loan to build a 400k sq foot 80 percent affordable 20 perfent market rate. Plus tax abatement. On the grand concourse in the bronx.


    Fast forward 35 yrs — all of the east village is upzoned. Ecept of course landmarked areas.

    Midtown has 40 buildings 50 floors or more. Harlem has three 60 floor residencies. Columbia hs 30 builds with 6000 units on a floating island.

    The developer can convert those units to market rate or what have u and make a killing. After 100 million in remodeling.

    400k sq ft for a nominal tax loss. And the assured tripling of proprty value 35yrs in the future?

    There r so manyanswers to affordable housing.

  8. Developers r going to have to embrwce afforsbale gousing going forward more so.

    How many more wealthy ppl can nyc attract for 3500 dollar studios adjacent to prewar row houses?

    The honest truth is many of these spexulative buildings will be delayed for a long time. If ever built.

    With the developers just maintaining property tax and selling the parcels at a slight loss to legal fees.

    Tell me a new semi luxury edifice that is marketing 2800 studios. So if your earnings are 40 times the rent = 112000 a year. Plus associated community expenses.

    You think there will be 10000 households with that kind of 1 or 2 occupant incomes running for space in the future?

    If so what neighborhood?
    Park slope
    Washington heights
    Grand concourse
    Jerome ave
    Spanish harlem
    Rego park
    Summy side queens

    Half of these hoods u cant find a studio for 2800. And the balance u can get a 3 bedroom in an older walkup for 2500. With a nice little tip to the super or owner.

    The economics of these structures make no sense.

  9. There r few places to build affordable complexes on. This propsed site was bruce ratners brainy project.

    Let me buy the nets. Get flavor into the old ebbets field hood and sell 4 million dollar 2 bedrooms with sky high maintenance costs.

    Bruce ratner created hudson yards. In concept and goal.

    Make a 10 block oasis that can exist entirely alone. An oasis for the wealthy and pampered. All market rate. Luzury retailers.

    We will see how that works out? How many millionares will be renting at the hudson yards sites? Or this proposal.

  10. Ppl move to suburbs for the space. Better schools.better air. Freedom to light one up int backyard.

    City dwellers pay upstate ny mortgages for a 2 bedroom.

    Upstate mortgage is 2800. 5.5 percent. 15 yrs.

    Nyc rent is 2800. 1.5 bedroom. No parking. No closet space. 12k for middle quality private school.

    The finances dont make sense for average americans. Perhaps even average new yorkers.

  11. Most new yorkers r a few pay checks away from being rhe bum on the street.

    Amazes me ppl crossing streets or murmuring about the plague of bums.

    But all too many nyers have a 6 credit cards each carrying 2000 dollar balances woth 21.9 apr.

    And the one amex they spend 300 dollars on when they want to appear of status.

    Career professionals wearinf clothes bought on credit or at a high end thrift shop that purchased a 42 yr old dead mans suit closet.

    The poor business casual worker will have to move to the neighborhoods wgbv channel 5 in maine says r dangerous.

    Then be priced out in 7 yrs. Because the new applicant has better credit and can pay 100 dollars more a rent.

    Then its off to
    Staten island
    Canal street

    Oops all the homes there r speculated already or have old farts who dont wanna move.

    Only in nyc.

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