The Spiral Approaches Topping Out at 66 Hudson Boulevard in Hudson Yards

The Spiral, Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group.

Work is approaching topping out on 66 Hudson Boulevard, aka The Spiral, a 1,041-foot-tall commercial supertall in Hudson Yards and number seven on YIMBY’s December construction countdown. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and developed by Tishman Speyer, the skyscraper occupies a full block between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues and 34th and 35th Streets and will yield 2.85 million square feet of office space. Turner Construction Company is serving as the construction manager, Banker Steel is in charge of manufacturing the steel, and Permasteelisa is the contractor for the glass enclosure for the 66-story project, which is expected to cost $3.7 billion.

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral in early December. Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

Recent photos show the stepped spiraling pattern becoming more apparent as the reflective glass continues installation. These setbacks will serve as landscaped outdoor terraces for office tenants on nearly every floor above the multi-story podium.

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral. Photo by Michael Young

From afar, the mammoth steel tower makes a dramatic impact on the Hudson Yards skyline. The Spiral is climbing simultaneously with Foster + Partners50 Hudson Yards, where the large rectangular concrete core has recently topped out. Both properties will open with some of the largest amounts of office space of any commercial building in the city. Across West 35th Street from BIG’s project is Handel Architects451 Tenth Avenue, a 580-foot-tall mixed-use skyscraper that will extend the Hudson Yards skyline further north, gradually replacing the underdeveloped land of the far West Side of Midtown.

The Spiral (right) and 50 Hudson Yards (left). Photo by Michael Young

The Spiral rising two plots to the north in the shadow of 30 Hudson Yards. Photo by Michael Young

YIMBY estimates that The Spiral will finish construction sometime in 2022.

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19 Comments on "The Spiral Approaches Topping Out at 66 Hudson Boulevard in Hudson Yards"

  1. Will the architect/developer/manager be required to follow through on the gardens included in the renderings that will wrap around and up the building?

    I like this one, but I think it will look dated very quickly.

  2. The Spiral is probably the most interesting and most impressive skyscraper currently being built in Hudson Yards. I can already see it with the spiralling terraces and the very premium glass. The building is basically a “glass box,” but with more unique characteristics. Overall, I think The Spiral is going to be a very recognizable and welcoming skyscraper on the New York City skyline for many years to come.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Everytime I see this rendering I think about what a missed opportunity this is. If they had seen fit to connect each level with a staircase, you would be able to climb the outside of this building all the way to the top. Is there some kind of Building Code reason why this can’t be done?

  4. ..and everytime I see this rendering, I feel that the architects ran out of ideas when they reached the top..Me thinks this building deserves a more spectacular crown.

  5. More glass and steel. Wow!

  6. Based on renderings, I was much more excited about this tower than it’s neighbor 50 HY. Now that both are 75% constructed, I must admit Foster’s 50 HY is much more impressive. In fact, I feel a bit disappointed in how the Spiral currently looks. I hope that changes.

    By the way, what’s up with the building planed to go just East of Spiral (3 Hudson Blvd?) Shouldn’t it be number 10 or 9 on this list? No mention at all, or did I miss it?

  7. This is awesome
    The whole neighborhood will stand as a great example for other developers

  8. Were Bird crashes considered in the “gardens” design?

  9. You all are so odd… this is simply a glass tower with a few off-sets…. no green landscaping will take place on those renderings as its too high up and too much to maintain and the water drainage is a developer issue.
    I hope I am wrong. But, let us see.

  10. I live in the neighborhood and see this every day. It’s just massive, not elegant in any way, and not particularly interesting. The glass looks good though. Nice floor to ceiling job with narrow mullions that serve the building well. Maybe the whole thing will look better with plants and from a distance. Not sure however how those floor plates are going to get enough light, they’re just huge

  11. Does anybody know what the dimensions of the terraces are? Are they actually functional or is it a gimmick?

    • Terraces are functional and depend on location for particular size ie the corner terraces are very large and go to 30’.

  12. The Spire was started over a year after 50 Hudson. What an amazing job to built in such a remarkable time table and stunning design.

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