Le Meridien Nears Completion at 292 Fifth Avenue in NoMad, Manhattan

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Construction is nearing completion on the Le Meridien Hotel, a 21-story mixed-use tower at 292 Fifth Avenue in NoMad. The 187-key hotel rises 21 stories tall on a plot between West 30th and West 31st Streets, and is designed by Gene Kaufman Architect and developed by McSam Hotel Group, which purchased the site for approximately $42.4 million in March 2017.

Recent photos reveal the final look of the façade following the disassembly of scaffolding and construction netting that enshrouded the edifice at the time of our last update last July.

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

The building is a modern take on a classic design, with a light-colored masonry façade and an orthodox grid of windows. There are different brick running bond patterns found across the main eastern elevation that go alongside dark metal railings in front of each window, a decorative cornice that stretches across the main setback, and a multi-story glass box that sits in the center line of the symmetrically designed building.

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

The only areas awaiting completion are around the ground floor, the lower section of the brick and glass façade, and the removal of the sidewalk scaffolding.

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Hotel rooms begin on the second floor and go all the way up to the 16th floor. Above are residences from floors 17 thought 21. The property will also contain private meeting rooms and an outdoor terrace on the 17th-floor setback, as well as a ground-floor restaurant and bike storage. The terrace should provide striking views of the nearby Empire State Building.

292 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

It was last reported that Le Meridien would open last October, however sometime this spring is possible.

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14 Comments on "Le Meridien Nears Completion at 292 Fifth Avenue in NoMad, Manhattan"

  1. This would be okay if it weren’t for that all-glass piece of it. Nice going Gene! ?

  2. Those expansion joint shadows sure can wreak havoc on a facade…

  3. Wow… This is surprisingly nice and tastefully done. I think YIMBY made an error saying it was designed by Gene Kaufman. Can’t be true.

  4. David in Bushwick | March 29, 2021 at 9:25 am | Reply

    No bad at all for an infill building. The glass at the top looks like they ran out of money, or ideas.

  5. David : Sent From Heaven. | March 29, 2021 at 9:29 am | Reply

    Where is the difference on your progress, I think it stands out; looking from bottom to the top: Thank you.

  6. I’m surprised too, that this is a Kaufmann project, considering all the visual blight with his name attached. But not sure why there are balcony railings on the windows since there aren’t any balconies? They look like security bars. ?

  7. At least its brick and not another disaster from Gene Kaufman but it will still be another homeless shelter as soon as it opens.
    We don’t need anymore homeless shelters/hotels from this group anymore.

  8. why would we want another hotel/homeless shelter being built?
    At least Gene Kaufman used brick and matched the surrounding buildings.

    • Your homeless shelter comments are really redundant. I say REALLY REDUNDANT. DO you have to say it on every post? It is singularly obnoxious. Who are you trying to convince? This is not your intended audience. Chill.

      • SteveO
        Last time I checked this was a free country . I understand the truth hurts sometimes. Check out the articles from the NY Times and The Wall St . Journal today. Commercial real estate is plunging and they’re planning to try and sublease all of this empty space. The last thing this city needs is more hotels being built to leave their rooms empty. When this happens , they become homeless shelters. Just look at the city now. 4 and 5 star hotels are currently being used as homeless shelters.
        I realize you guys praise any type of development no matter how outrageous and out of context it is.
        So to bring you guys closer to reality it’s always good to hear other opinions. What’s the use of living in a bubble and getting only one side

        • I am glad they are building another homeless shelter. Build them until all the homeless are sheltered. Next they can start working on truly affordable housing.

          I am not sure why you rail against homeless shelters so much. I always thought they were a good thing.

  9. Plus the building is not another cheap construction method of glass curtain walls. That is has brick facade.
    Negative, no pattern, various colors, or detail in it looks like a jail with the bars at windows and the lack of character. Plus as other said, the glass top, was opps ran out of brick

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