Final Days: 5Pointz Demolition Imminent

Plans for the redevelopment of ‘5Pointz’ were recently approved, and the graffiti-hotspot will soon meet its end; the warehouses will be bulldozed for two new luxury towers, developed by the Wolkoffs. The existing building has…

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Hunter's Point South

Construction Update: Hunter’s Point South

The first two towers of Hunter’s Point South are now well underway; developed by Related, the complex will eventually yield over 5,000 new affordable housing units. The mega-project is situated on the Long Island City waterfront;…

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45 East 60th Street

Construction Update: 45 East 60th Street

Machinery is on-site and excavation is about to begin at 45 East 60th Street, which will host Stern’s third-tallest skyscraper in Manhattan. Developed by the Zeckendorfs, the tower will eventually soar 780 feet. The building…

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