12-02 27th Avenue

Eight-Unit Residential Development Gets Permits At 12-02 27th Avenue, Astoria

Back in 2013, Forest Hills-based Sharon Cohen filed applications for four little residential buildings at 12-02 – 12-10 27th Avenue, in western Astoria. Within the past few weeks, the DOB has finally granted building permits. The entire development will measure 10,348 square feet in residential space and total eight units. All four buildings will have only two units, with two of them rising three stories and the other two rising two stories. Long Island-based Shahriar Afshari is the architect of record, and the site’s old two-story home was demolished in July.

272 Jefferson Street

Four-Story, Four-Unit Residential Building Planned At 272 Jefferson Street, Bushwick

Neighborhood Restore HDFC has filed applications for a four-story, four-unit residential building at 272 Jefferson Street, in northern Bushwick, located two blocks from the L train’s stop at Jefferson Street. It will measure 5,496 square feet, which means full-floor units will average a spacious 1,374 square feet apiece. Suzanna Tharian’s Greenwich Village-based Stat Architecture is the applicant of record, and an existing single-story garage must first be demolished.

45-47 Robinson Street

Three Two-Unit Residential Buildings Planned At 45-47 Robinson Street, East Flushing

Flushing-based Hang Chen has filed applications for three two-unit residential buildings at 45-41 – 45-47 Robinson Street, in East Flushing. The entire development will total 5,392 square feet in residential space, and each two-story building will split the square-footage roughly equally. This translates into an average unit size of 899 square feet. Chang Hwa Tan’s Flushing-based architecture firm is the architect of record, and permits were filed back in June to demolish two wood-frame houses.

1416 49th Street

Four-Story, Eight-Unit Residential Building Planned At 1416 49th Street, Borough Park

A Borough Park-based LLC has filed applications for a four-story, eight-unit residential building at 1416 49th Street, in central Borough Park, located three blocks from the D train’s stop at 50th Street. It will measure 8,778 square feet in total, which means units will average 1,097 square feet apiece. Ruslan Goychayev’s Brooklyn-based RSLN Architecture is the architect of record, and permits were filed in September to demolish an existing two-story house.

97 Lynch Street

Four-Story, Two-Unit Residential Building Planned At 97 Lynch Street, Williamsburg

David Blum, doing business as an anonymous LLC, has filed applications for a four-story, two-unit residential building at 97 Lynch Street, in southern Williamsburg, located five blocks south of the Hewes Street stop on the J and M trains. It will measure 5,443 square feet, which means units will average a very spacious 2,722 square feet apiece. Combined with relatively high ceilings, high-end townhouse units are likely. Bahram Tehrani’s Jamaica-based BTE Design Services is the applicant of record, and the site’s old two-story building was demolished in 2006.