301 West 46th Street

Revealed: 301 West 46th Street

It is an unfortunate irony that neglected pre-war buildings slated for demolition often look better to us in their decrepit final years than do their modernist replacements when brand new. The site at 301 West…

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136 West 42nd Street

Construction Update: 136 West 42nd Street

If the renderings are any guide, the Peter Poon-designed building rising at 136 West 42nd street will be aesthetically superior to the eighteen other hotels listed on the architect’s website. Commentators here and elsewhere seem…

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1717 Broadway

Construction Update: 1717 Broadway

Glass is just about complete at 1717 Broadway, which is now the tallest all-hotel building in the Western Hemisphere, at 753 feet. Designed by Nobutaka Ashihara, the building will contain two Marriott-brand hotels; a Courtyard,…

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